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Killing Trolls

April 25, 2013

Finally. The Council of Elders is defeated. This one took almost as many pulls as Horridon. We just couldn’t find a strat that would work for us. Then yesterday, Leit posted about his group downing them and the strat that they used. Stack ’em up, burn ’em down. That sounded like the kind of strat we excel at, so I linked the post to Slice and Adoe and we made plans to try it.

Raid time approaches, however, and there are issues. Adoe’s computer was misbehaving and Sorak and Wok were not online. Sorak was just running late, but Wok wasn’t going to make it. Adoe commandeered Shadeey’s computer, but of course, that left us without her. Ok, no problem, we have backups. Zug goes tank and we bring in Bocat and our shiny new rogue Psynite. It’s almost working, but we’re lacking just a bit more dps.

How do you get even moar brute force out of a brute force tactic?

We don’t need two tanks. Zug, cleave all of teh things plz.

But wait, doesn’t the tank get stunned for 15s repeatedly throughout the fight? Meh. You have CDs bitch, use them.

And, since Arv is Batman ….


Yes, it actually worked with him solo tanking it.

AND everyone lined up nicely and got in the picture.


Left to Right.
Back row is Zarm and then Sorak and Zugzuug on their birdies.
Front row is Liyhe, Psynite, Vanicus, Arvash, Bocat, Lyssianna, and Adoe.

Here’s what Lei Shen really thinks of the Zandalari.


We dropped down into the Depths, played in the waterspouts and died to some bats.
Some of us have very different reactions to the loot we receive from the trash, though.


Bo, I really don’t know what to say. :p

Ready for Spring

March 15, 2013

Van got a new sword Wednesday night. I could have been lazy and just re-mogged the mace skin I was using over it and been done, but I decided I wanted to show it off. Unfortunately, its greenish-blue hue clashed with the royal blue set I had on, so I loaded up MogIt. What I ended up with is more of an UNmog because I think the only things he has on that are actually mogged now are his gloves and his cloak. (I could check that if I hadn’t logged out in ret. Doh.)


What really pulls it together is the Order of the Cloud Serpent tabard. Now he’s in all aqua and lavender, perfect for spring!


After that was done and I’d beaten all the elite pets, I headed out to Townlong to see what Shado Pan dailies were up and maybe go to Thunder Isle. Earlier in the day I had been reading about G’nathus … somewhere. Must have been at Warcraftpets. Anyway, since the dailies were up at Shan’ze Dao, I decided to go check him out. He’s just an elite, not even a rare spawn, so he’s pretty sure to be around. I found him, said oh 4.3M health I can do this, jumped in the water and got 2 shotted. Oh. That’s 43M health, no period. Heh. Oops?

Ok, let’s see who’s on. Oh, just Shirl and Zarm. Well … I got them to join, and roped Averry into coming to help as well. Zarm tried bear tanking in kitty spec … with the same result I had. I checked my list again … oh! Arv is on, he’s just on a non-SR toon. So he swaps over and now we have a real group, even though Zarm had to leave. It was pretty easy to talk people into helping, since he has a guaranteed drop of the pet Spawn of G’nathus. Shirl won the first one, and once I mentioned the 10 min spawn time (which might actually be 15 min but no one complained) everyone was game to stay and get more. Averry stayed too even though he wasn’t interested in getting one of the pets. He’s awesome like that. Shadeey logged on between pulls and we got her to come too, so that meant we needed four kills.


Yeah, he’s so big you can’t see him there, but he’s a giant purple eel. I had the priest NPC from the Shado Pan along with me since I was going to do the dailies. It’s kinda funny there seeing my ‘pet’ throw a 68k holy fire on him. Having Shadeey’s dps made quite a difference in how long it took us to kill him, too.

Between pulls, of course, Arv pulled toys out of his bag. He must have to get out his mammoth and sell junk every time he loots a corpse. Of course, my favorite is always the hitching post, so I had to get a screenshot on a pony. I posed next to Averry while he was taking his dog out … surprise! You’re getting posted on the blog. hehe.


I did fail to take a screenshot WITH the pet though. Uh … oops again?

After we finished getting the four pets I got those dailies done and hit exalted with Shado Pan. I didn’t screenshot any of that, though you will likely see me mounted on that onyx cloud serpent at some point. I still have only completed one NPC for Getting Around With the Shado Pan, and have mostly given up on Know Your Role, so I’m undecided on whether I will bother doing any more dailies for them or not. I guess I should pick up one of the hats though, huh?

Sinestra down … wait … what?

January 17, 2013

I know .. she’s not in Heart of Fear. But we were one short last night. Our original plan was to progress in Heart of Fear on Tuesday when Zarm was available, and do Mogu’shan Vaults on Wednesday. Well, Zarm was going to be late Tuesday, so we hit Vaults first. We had just pulled Elegon when he logged on, so there was little reason not to just finish Vaults then.

We made good progress on Mel Tuesday night, getting to the enrage. We just need to fine-tune and he’ll be down. So last night, missing a healer and with Vaults already cleared, we decided to go back to the first tier of Cata .. on heroic.


We all had a good laugh when the floor opened up as Cho’gall died, dropping his body … and Arv … down into the depths. The rest of us soon followed and came face to face with Deathwing’s conniving consort, Sinestra.


None of us had ever faced her before, so we died a few times before deciding that a break to check out strats/videos would be a good idea. Once that was done, we disposed of her fairly quickly, although not without casualties.


Yay, Dragonslayer titles for everyone!

From there, we moved on to Throne of the Four Winds. They were dispatched posthaste …


although I’m not too sure anyone was all that excited about it. But hey, it’s one more title and guild achievement for the collection!

Hm … plenty of time left … what next? I’m sure I’m not the only one who was floored by Arv’s suggestion that we go kill Nef. I mean, he’s the one who had nightmares about kiting Animated Bone Warriors! I really thought he was just joking.


This did take a little bit of recall and coordination. We still had to make sure every blast nova got interrupted, and make sure Onyxia was killed just before hitting 90 energy. We killed her too fast at first, and let her blow up the raid once as well. Good times.

So we got 3 titles and guild achievements. Not bad for a night of old content. Maybe we can go back and clean up the things we need to get the mount …

Scepter of Azj’Aqir

January 7, 2013

Yay, Darkmoon Faire time! Roz went to the Faire, got a rare Crow, and did his profession quests. But he didn’t have 15 fossil fragments. Off to dig! Hmmm … not a single fossil site on his map. But look, he has two spots in Uldum, let’s go there.

Naturally, I can’t just dig. I combine it with pet battling/leveling.


In the space of an hour, he got two flawless battlestones … a beast, and a critter. For the beast I have only a couple of choices that I’d like to use it on. I am leaning towards the Feline Familiar. For the critter one, however … zomg choices! Perky Pug maybe, just because I want to see him wipe his butt on the battlefield.

Anyway, once he dug the two spots in Uldum, a fossil site spawned in Tanaris so I hopped over there to complete his quest. While there, I went through his book and completed the projects he had enough other fragments for, and after a couple of small things in his Tol’vir file something new popped up. I had to go wowhead it real quick to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Whoa mon, dis be a mount!

With no dig sites left in Uldum, I had to either dig more in Kalimdor, or … well, let’s go to Pandaria, he’s almost maxed on skill and he can turn in these projects for Tol’vir parts. So I hearthed to the Jade Forest and hit up a dig site. That plus the projects I could complete got me to 600. Now … how to get to the Vale at level 86. Hmm … I rode to the Tavern, picking up flight points along the way. As I was trying to figure out how to get on top of the hills and slow fall into the Vale (I’ve heard it can be done) Arv logged on. It didn’t take much begging to get him to come pick me up. Of course, I was prepared for the inevitable attempt to kill me … Arv managed to hit the wrong button to save himself though. haha. Seems like this has happened before hasn’t it? 😉


THEN Mishi wouldn’t fly me up to the Lorewalkers room, so Arv was nice enough to drop me off up there. Got all my artifacts converted and was just over halfway to completion. Nice! But now … I had the flight path so I could get to the Vale, but wouldn’t be able to get up to the ledge again. So digging in Pandaria was kinda out. Ok, well, there’s a bunch of sites up in Mount Hyjal, guess I’ll have to spawn an Uldum site. More digging, more pet battling, and finally one popped up.


By this time it was like 12:30am so of course there was no one on to share with. But hey, it’s done! Roz be lookin good, mon.


Now I just need a Crawling Claw and … yes, sad as it is, I am *still* searching for Tyrande’s bloody doll. /rage