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All Grown Up

December 4, 2012

Well, at least one good thing comes of being able to battle in Pandaria. My high level pets get even more high level … like … until they stop getting xp altogether.


Yes, that is my Celestial Dragon. A good first choice, I love Ancient Blessing. Yeah, imagine that, a healer loving a healing spell/stamina buff. Hey, sometimes being able to outlast your opponent is more important than big damage, especially if you don’t have the type advantage.

The Nether Fairie Dragon was quick to follow, although I did notice that since the patch, his type has been changed (correctly) from flying to dragonkin, which I am sad about but oh well. Then the Skittering Cavern Crawler, and the first Sifang Otter named Harry. And a snail named Gary. So yeah, I’m at 5 level 25s since Saturday.

I also picked up some nice rares. Some crazy person found fox kits spawning in Storm Peaks, and hung out there tracking down spawns until she found a rare for me. So of course, it seemed only right to name the little one Bo. 😉


Oh yeah, that’s actually Bocat in the picture with me, too!

He’s 24 already, as is the Water Waveling I picked up in Zul’Drak. I also got a rare Darkmoon Glowfly at the Faire. And a Shardhorn rhino. And … I don’t even remember them all! Let’s just say I’ve been busy. ^.^