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Scepter of Azj’Aqir

January 7, 2013

Yay, Darkmoon Faire time! Roz went to the Faire, got a rare Crow, and did his profession quests. But he didn’t have 15 fossil fragments. Off to dig! Hmmm … not a single fossil site on his map. But look, he has two spots in Uldum, let’s go there.

Naturally, I can’t just dig. I combine it with pet battling/leveling.


In the space of an hour, he got two flawless battlestones … a beast, and a critter. For the beast I have only a couple of choices that I’d like to use it on. I am leaning towards the Feline Familiar. For the critter one, however … zomg choices! Perky Pug maybe, just because I want to see him wipe his butt on the battlefield.

Anyway, once he dug the two spots in Uldum, a fossil site spawned in Tanaris so I hopped over there to complete his quest. While there, I went through his book and completed the projects he had enough other fragments for, and after a couple of small things in his Tol’vir file something new popped up. I had to go wowhead it real quick to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. Whoa mon, dis be a mount!

With no dig sites left in Uldum, I had to either dig more in Kalimdor, or … well, let’s go to Pandaria, he’s almost maxed on skill and he can turn in these projects for Tol’vir parts. So I hearthed to the Jade Forest and hit up a dig site. That plus the projects I could complete got me to 600. Now … how to get to the Vale at level 86. Hmm … I rode to the Tavern, picking up flight points along the way. As I was trying to figure out how to get on top of the hills and slow fall into the Vale (I’ve heard it can be done) Arv logged on. It didn’t take much begging to get him to come pick me up. Of course, I was prepared for the inevitable attempt to kill me … Arv managed to hit the wrong button to save himself though. haha. Seems like this has happened before hasn’t it? 😉


THEN Mishi wouldn’t fly me up to the Lorewalkers room, so Arv was nice enough to drop me off up there. Got all my artifacts converted and was just over halfway to completion. Nice! But now … I had the flight path so I could get to the Vale, but wouldn’t be able to get up to the ledge again. So digging in Pandaria was kinda out. Ok, well, there’s a bunch of sites up in Mount Hyjal, guess I’ll have to spawn an Uldum site. More digging, more pet battling, and finally one popped up.


By this time it was like 12:30am so of course there was no one on to share with. But hey, it’s done! Roz be lookin good, mon.


Now I just need a Crawling Claw and … yes, sad as it is, I am *still* searching for Tyrande’s bloody doll. /rage

Double Agent

November 12, 2012

So, now that Van is past the Golden Lotus to revered grind, he’s been having a little more fun with dailies. He doesn’t get bored because he rotates them. You see, the August Celestials have four different quest hubs, one at each of the temples. So, he bases what dailies he does on which hub the Celestials want him to defend. If it’s at Cradle of Chi-Ji he does Anglers. If it’s at Temple of the Jade Serpent, he does Cloud Serpent. If it’s at Niuzao, he does Shado-Pan. If it’s at White Tiger, he does Klaxxi. And if it’s at the same place two days in a row, he’ll do Golden Lotus instead. So yeah … sure it’s slow, but it keeps it halfway interesting.

So yesterday after he did his stuff in the Jade Forest, I decided I wanted more to do. So I said, yeah, it’s time Kerick got to 90 and started dailies. So I logged him on … oh boy, he has a whopping 2% into level 89. But full rest xp. So after harvesting his measly four crops, he headed to the Spine to get his assignment into the Dread Wastes. O.MG. I mean, the quests weren’t hard. Ret survivability is pretty dang good (esp if you’re really a healer and care more about your health bar than your damage) and I make use of repentance and don’t overpull when I’m undergeared. But geez … Van was 90 when he went there, and the ability to fly really makes getting around a lot easier. But meh, I managed. Rescued a whole bunch of paragons and stuff and even did some dailies. Had fun with a leviathan, too.

By the time I only had the brewgarden hub left to do, he was sitting at 97%. Yay rest xp! But … I wasn’t feeling up to riding over there on my ground mount. I knew I could find a much better method for the ding and screenshot.

Zari, Fayle … this one’s for you!

And yes, after buying flying and doing Tillers stuff (omg I can pick up dark soil YAY) he did go and start on Golden Lotus. Now I just gotta get enough gear to go to the guild LFR on Saturday …

Foul Menagerie

September 14, 2012

When I saw this glyph, I had to get it. It turns your Army of the Dead minions into an assorted group of undead rather than just the usual group of ghouls. Roz knew the glyph, but I didn’t have the mats for the ink, which required Outland herbs. Now, there are several options to obtain the necessary ink.

1. buy it off the AH
2. turn my Cata herbs into ink and trade it for the older ink
3. go to Outland and pick the herbs myself

These are listed in order of how much time is spent on doing this. With nothing better going on in game until next week, I chose option 4. Waitwut? There’s no option 4 up there! Option 4 is an extension of option three. You see, I can’t just settle for going to Outland and flying around aimlessly looking for herb nodes. No, I first had to spend three or four hours in Kalimdor leveling Rozzy’s archaeology so he could hit digsites in Outland while picking enough herbs for one little glyph. Yes, this is the way my mind works. I never have claimed to be normal.

Once I finally did make it to Outland, I ran into these …

SQUEEEEEEEEEEE I am gonna have baby clefthoof battle pets zomg I can’t WAIT


Anyway … this is the final product. Pretty cool huh? 😀


September 7, 2012

I’ve been meaning to get this post up all week. I actually finally found time to write it yesterday … and then I couldn’t find the screenshots. I thought I forgot to send them to myself. Then last night before bed when I went to send them again, I found them. /fayle

I’ve been really enjoying the account-wide pets, mounts, and achievements. Titles on my lowbies? Yes please! Last night I dug the craptastic starter daggers out of the bank and sent Bloodsail Admiral Wega off to level. What? She has pages of mounts that she wants to ride. She made it to 10 … in her lovely black dress. Who needs armor when ambush takes at least half of each mob’s health, sometimes even one-shots them? (With white daggers … it’s a guaranteed one-shot with any heirlooms at all)

Is there anything cuter than a dwarf chick on a Deathcharger?

Yeah, Wega can’t wait to get her hands on that horse.

Poor Karius, it’s been so long since I paid attention to him … longer than I realized! I mean really … look …

Yes, that glowy shield around him is leftover from Children’s Week … told you it had been awhile. I had fun with his glyphs. The little bitty water elemental is from Conjure Familiar, and of course the shapeshift is some other glyph that lets you ‘look like someone else’ for something like 5 minutes. I was expecting it to be like the potion of illusion … obviously it’s not, as you have no choice in what you end up looking like. But it’s super fun!

Several toons went digging this week. I was very VERY excited to find that you now get 6 digs per site rather than only 3. That makes it go much quicker since you are getting twice as much done without having to travel.

Oh, and here is the horse in shadowform.

Ok, I’ve gotta get back to work. Happy Friday!