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January 30, 2015

So … rumours no more, it is official. WoW Insider is shutting down on Tuesday, February 3. Just like that. A sad and very sudden end to a site that has held a permanent place in my open browser tabs for … well, longer than I’ve been writing this blog, and my 6 year Blogiversary is on February 7 so … yeah. Heck, my birthday is on Monday, and THIS is the present I get? Not cool, AOL, not cool at all. I like the year I tamed Loque’nahak as my birthday present much better. 😦

So now how am I going to get my WoW news? I am not into the whole Twitter thing. Wowhead, sure, I guess. But it’s not the same as checking Insider once an hour or so for the latest article to keep myself amused at work. NO ONE has the frequency or breadth of coverage to replace this.