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Dear Fayle,

August 26, 2011

Thanks for the bear.



Bear-ly Made It!

July 18, 2011

After coming very close to a successful speed run in ZA not too long ago, this weekend when we got a strong guild group together again, we decided to make a serious effort at getting it done.

In order to rescue each captive within the time allowed, you really have to go non-stop and not make any mistakes. No looting, no wipes, max dps all the way.

If you’re successful, the final captive will have one (and only one) of these for you.

Everyone has to be on the ball. Pump out the damage without pulling threat. Use your cooldowns, but use them wisely. (That means no popping lust when we’re already sated, Sorak!) There’s no time to set up CC, but on-the-fly hexes and freezing traps are certainly helpful when appropriate.

We went back in last night for a repeat performance. Slightly different group makeup, but four of the five were the same people from the first run. Still, all members of the core raid group … geared, experienced, skilled at focusing (when not watching anime !!) and good at working together. Our first attempt, however, failed. By like … 10 seconds. No mistakes, just slacking on dps a little. Ok. Queue random and hope we get it again, if not, oh well.

Loading screen … ZA. Cool. We can do this! Things go well, until right after the dragonhawk boss goes down. I don’t know if they were in a fire patch, or had a DoT on them, or what, but the boss dies, we all mount up, and then Slice and Ado and Gurgie all drop. Bam. Simultaneous dropping of the health bar to zero. Mass rez to the rescue! Get them up, toss out buff, mount and ride out. No drinking, no eating, I’ll fill your health bars while we’re killing the first pack of cats!

(Adoe and Sorak showing off their lesser bears. That is some crazy hairdo, Sorak!)

No one had a timer on this run. Not sure why it bugs out and doesn’t display half the time. So I don’t know how close we actually were. But this time, when we got to Halazzi, I threw as much dps as I could at him along with the rest of them. As long as I’m standing in the green circle, I can’t run out of mana, so I chain Holy Radiance and use my Holy Shocks on the boss instead of my teammates. There are also *multiple* opportunities in that fight to get off a Hammer of Wrath, because of the way his health bar yo-yos when he changes phases. These should be exploited!

Adoe won the roll this time. Plans are to run again tonight, we gotta get at least two more, maybe three.  Slice is weird though and thinks they’re ugly, so he doesn’t even want one. Have I mentioned that he’s weird?