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Short and Sweet

June 27, 2011

This … is the week from hell. Not in game, out of it. We have events and inspections all week at work. I am pulling my hair out already and it’s not even lunchtime yet. So you’ll have to forgive me if the posting this week is lacking.

Accomplishments over the weekend:

Dyle went from level 55 to 63 or thereabouts. Arv outleveled me to Outlands and ended up getting on Arvash to run me through LBRS and UBRS to catch me up so we could both queue for Ramps. That got me both pets from LBRS as well as the Jenkins title in UBRS. Zari ran with us a bunch of times (which meant I had to dps, because he only queues as healer. sigh) and Slice even got in on the action and joined all three of us on his rogue for a couple of runs. Good times.

Van finished Flame Keeper

Van finished World Explorer

Van got his transmute specialization and is somewhere above 400 in his alchemy skill .. still a ways to go but the end is in sight.

Van has enjoyed his new gem selling business so much that Kaly has set himself up over on the Alliance side, too. Yeah … Cayle helped me set up TSM and they all got me on their whitelists and I have joined the SR dominance of the Drak AH. It’s a sickness I tell ya. Now when I get a few minutes of downtime at work … I’m logging in to the remote app to relist the auctions that have been undercut. I even checked in while I was at a baseball game Saturday night. >.<

Um …. I think that’s it. That’s all I have time for either way. Maybe I’ll post later this week, maybe I won’t. You all will be too damn busy with the patch tomorrow and new dailies to even notice anyway. : P

Oh yeah … Zug is changing to a mage for 4.2. He started leveling it on .. Thursday I think? He was 16. Today he is 76. No help, no runthroughs, no getting powerleveled. Slice and Cayle have a bet on it … if he makes 85 in time for raid tomorrow night, Cayle wins. If not, Slice wins. He’s insane enough to do it .. it’s only 9 more levels!

Ride Me

February 23, 2011

As I mentioned yesterday, Kaly ran heroics all day long for two days. By Monday evening, I was so sick of instances. It was definitely time for a little rest and relaxation.  So I hopped on Karius and used his Lost Relic of Argus to determine which continent he would be digging on. That’s the way I do it when I’m too tired to bother having a plan.

I forget where it sent him exactly, but it was in the Eastern Kingdoms. I think it might have been Wetlands. Anyway, there was no dig site close, so he hearthed to Light’s Hope and flew to a site in the Hinterlands. As he was in flight, a sudden thought occurred to me.  “I know a way to make this even more fun.” Of course, I finished the dig site first … and then I went back to Stormwind and did a little toon hopping to transfer the rest of the gold I needed. I’d  been putting this off for too long. It was time.

To Uldum!

RAWR! I’m a dwagon!!

Here I am, getting ready to breathe fire on … oh. I can’t breathe fire? Well WTF.

About this time, my buddy Empyrean whispers me, asking where the troll starting area is. The holiday is almost over and he hasn’t found a troll rogue yet. (Ha! Big surprise there. I had to have my sweet Chan make both of the ones I needed.) So I told him to meet me in Theramore and I’d fly him over to the Echo Isles. Thus, he got to be the first one to ride Karius.

We had no luck in Sen’jin, though, so I whispered Analogue and sweet talked her into making one for him. Dance party!

Sadly, Sandstone Drakes dance about as well as they breathe fire. Oh well. It was still totally worth spending 29k gold to turn into a dragon.


February 11, 2011

You want to make money on my server? Pick some dang herbs!

I logged on last night, and queued up Karius for the holiday boss. While I was waiting, I headed to Stranglethorn to fish up some Firefin Snapper because I knew Kerick needed more Fire Oil to level his Alchemy. I see Ado ask in guild  chat if anyone has any Goldthorn.

Ten minutes later, I log onto Kerick, do the holiday boss, and start on the Alchemy. A few points in, everything needs Goldthorn. I have a little but not nearly enough (Kar had picked some while he was fishing.) I go to the AH. One stack of 5 for a little over 12g each. (Not 12g for the stack .. 12g EACH) “Ado,” I ask in guild chat, “did you buy out all of the Goldthorn on the AH?” Pretty much a rhetorical question … I know he did. He probably didn’t balk at the price either … playing the AH is one of his hobbies, kinda like the archaeology is for me, so he’s always swimming in gold while I’m swimming in … common quality artifacts.

Side Note: I swear, I think everyone and their dog is leveling alchemy all of a sudden. Log finished his last night, or at least got close to it. Not sure what Ado was working on, the Armory still says Eltard has no professions. Another guy I know was running in and out of the alchemy trainer last night as well, quite obviously power leveling it himself. But really, I mean, look at that sexy trinket, with all that intellect and yummy haste. (Kar could care less about the haste, but Kerick is drooling over it for sure.)

So, back to the main story line here. Not having any other source of Goldthorn, I sent Karius out on a mission. First it was back to the Cape of Stranglethorn, but there wasn’t that much there. I decided the Highlands would be better, so with a quick stopoff in Twilight Highlands to hit a dig site, he was off to Arathi Highlands for another dig and some herbing. That went much better.

Then, I need some more Firebloom, and possibly some Gromsblood or Mountain Silversage. Well, there’s this dig site in Tanaris …. heh heh. It really didn’t take all that long to get a stack of the Firebloom either. Mail the stuff off to Kerick and log off in the Gadgetzan inn. (It is soooo nice being able to talk to the goblins there again. Maybe someday I will forgive Hartbane for that whole Bloodsail Admiral thing.)

Get a little further along, and I need Sorrow Moss (only available in Swamp of Sorrows and new since the Shattering, so I had none on hand from back when Karius leveled), along with either Blindweed, Gromsblood, or Mountain Silversage. Zero of any of the above are available on the AH. Yeah … gogo Karius. Into the portal to the Blasted Lands and fly north to the Swamp. I ended up not getting enough and had to log back into him and pick more. Good thing I had left him in an inn there just in case.

Ok, ready for Outland. Wewt! Wait .. I need a crapton of Ragveil? Really?? Sigh. Kerick phones in another favor. “Karius … yeah, there’s a dig site in Hellfire. Want to hit it? Oh, and while you’re out there, go to Zangarmarsh and pick as much Ragveil as you can get your hands on. Thanks, buddy!”

Well, at least the completed artifact was the last one needed for Diggerest. Yes, that’s right … Kar has completed 100 *unique* common artifacts. We won’t talk about how many duplicates he’s had, especially night elf. I’m thinking Tyrande never played with dolls, it’s all a myth.

Ok, got enough to get some points .. hey, look at that! We’re at 325! Time for some specializationing. *check the AH again* Ok, there are two Primal Mights here. *spend some cash* I dig up enough primals and motes between my alts and the guild bank to force Karius to transmute a third. Off I go to Hellfire and then Netherstorm. Hooray Crusader Aura! I get there and .. my memory failed me. I need FOUR Primal Mights, not three. sigh. I check my resources and somehow manage to dig up everything but a Primal Air, which I buy. Transmute, mail it off to Kerick … bam. Transmute specialization is done. Yes, I probably could have done it cheaper by doing one of the others then paying the 150g to switch, but I’d have to hit an instance, and … this was just faster.

Ok, back to making crap to level up. Moar Ragveil! Moar!!! And possibly a pile of Terocone or Netherbloom as well. None on the AH. Sigh. I stopped at 345 … only 5 points away from Northrend and the crapton of Goldclover, Tiger Lily, Adder’s Tongue and Talandra’s Rose that I have leftover from the last expansion. Karius, guess what you get to do before the raid tonight? *evil grin*

Commence Transmutation

February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to me

I got the recipe


Ok, so my poetry skills aren’t nearly as leet as Trout’s epic production. Oh well … I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

At 41/45 fragments, with an Uldum dig site on my map, I actually jumped at the chance to help a couple of guildies out in Nagrand instead. Not sure whether I wanted to put off the impending disappointment, or maybe prolong the anticipation. Probably both.

Now comes the long process of transmuting 11 more truegold … which will probably only happen once every fourth day because of needing 3 pyrium bars for each one and the transmutes share a cooldown. Yes, yes, I know I could just purchase some of this, or use others’ cooldowns, but I’m stubborn. It’s going to cost me 29k just for the items that are vendor-only. Also, I’m kinda old fashioned. I was taught that you work for what you want, and value it more for having had to work to get it, rather than just buying it.

Alright, that’s enough philosophy crap for today. Cya later, I have mats to farm.