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Locking Around the Isles

March 20, 2017

Syp over at Bio Break recently posted about how much he’s enjoying his affliction warlock. My lock, Madorsa, had always been demonology for leveling and destruction for raids. So far in Legion she had only been demo and had just reached level 103, but the new playstyle just wasn’t grabbing me and she was near the bottom of my list of classes to level. So I figured what the heck, let’s make the change now before her floating skull eats up too much AP.

She does have a face, really. Then again, being undead, it’s not really one you want to look upon, so maybe it’s a blessing that it is obscured in this screenshot.

True to Syp’s musings, affliction proved to be a lot of fun, albeit a 180 degree difference in playstyle from my main fire mage. Whereas the mage obliterates things within a few seconds, the afflock wants to throw dots on everything in sight and cackle maniacally while their health gets eaten away. There is no such thing as burning something down … killing takes time, but you can kill a lot of things in that time.

One of the best things about the spec is that I get to run around with the felhound. That has always been my favourite lock pet and yet somehow, I had never actually gotten around to playing the spec. I think maybe because it wasn’t good in Pandaria when Madorsa was created? I don’t know. Anyway … I’m enjoying it now. I put a couple of levels on her over the weekend. I even went and got Light’s Heart, which I have been mostly ignoring on alts because bleh. But it does unlock a weapon appearance and I wanted the purple scythe look so I went and did it. I’m glad I did, too, because I really got a kick out of this demon’s reaction when I brought Light’s Heart back to my class hall.

Here let me blow up his dialogue:

Yeah dude. Totes serial.

Welcome, Blizzard Watch

February 4, 2015

Most of you who care already know, but the folks who formerly worked at WoW Insider have launched a replacement site at Blizzard Watch. They will be funded by contributions from their readers/supporters through Patreon. Enough people have contributed already for them to definitely be able to get the site underway with everything that they want it to have, including columns that we all loved that were cut last year when they were forced to downsize. How’s that for community?

On to my in-game activites. Juna upgraded her barn to level 3 a couple of weeks ago. Now, trapping wolves for fur was only a secondary reason for her to have a barn. The number one reason is this Glass of Warm Milk that can spawn inside of it. It took a couple of weeks for it to spawn, and then some practice with Aviana’s Feather to manage landing inside the second floor, but she did it.


Looting that gives you the cutest pet ever, the Pygmy Cow.


She really needs to have a talk with her minions about burning candles inside the barn though. Hay + fire = very bad things.

In other news, Oslee finally made his way to Draenor, and since Sanbec is arms, Oslee changed his spec to fury so he wouldn’t feel the same. I used to not like fury, but, you know, that was Wrath and a lot has changed since then. I mean, I can be fury and still charge and bladestorm now, so it’s all good. And he does look badass with two big weapons.


Abilities … Gone!

April 4, 2014

So … with the new 6.0 patch notes out, I am going to put down my thoughts here AS I READ THROUGH THEM. So, this is off the cuff, first reaction type stuff. I reserve the right to calm down and write something with more thought and insight later on if necessary.

Death Knights

I hope you weren’t too much in love with having your army or your temporary ghoul. Now you only get army as blood, or a permanent pet as unholy. Oh, and that army does 75% less damage, too. I think I can hear Schriko crying.

Horn of Winter is now a 1-hour buff with no cooldown that doesn’t generate runic power. So, it’s just like everyone else’s party-wide buffs.


Innervate … gone! Yes, they adjusted druid mana regen to compensate, but this still amuses me, as it has been an iconic druid ability since .. forever.

Symbiosis … gone! Really? REALLY? I haven’t even gotten to play with it yet. This was one of the most fun things ever added. I’m sad about this one.


I … um … there are a lot of changes here.
Aspect of the Hawk … gone!
Distracting shot … gone!
Hunter’s Mark … gone!
Rapid Fire … gone!
Serpent Sting … gone!
Widow Venom … gone!
I have no clue what we have left. This isn’t even the whole list, just the things that apply to me as BM.

The one change I DO understand and like, Revive Pet and Mend Pet now share a button, which toggles depending on whether you have a live pet.


Arcane Explosion is only for Arcane, Blizzard is only for Frost. etc, etc. Basically they made a lot of things that were previously only available to a specific spec, back to only being for that spec. As it should be, really.

The three armors are also spec-specific now and are passive effects.


Clash has been removed. Hmm … that was quite useful to a tank who wanted to move a mob. Do not like.

Avert Harm has been removed. I don’t know why. I like damage reduction cooldowns. Need more explanation.

Healing Sphere as a spell has been removed. Like, the targeted, drop a sphere here thing. The other spells that create spheres still exist.

And it looks like each specialization just has its own stance, rather than being able to toggle between stances. Makes sense.


Oh boy here we go. I’m almost afraid to read it! Please be good, please be good, please be good.

Avenging Wrath .. ret only. Ok.

Devotion Aura .. not available to prot. Meh.

Divine Light renamed to Holy Light. Yeah, yeah, holy light removed yada yada. I’ve already read through the healing changes and am ok with them for now. Whatever they do, I will adapt.

Divine Plea removed. Mana costs adjusted accordingly. One less cooldown to keep an eye on/forget to use.

Guardian of Ancient Kings .. prot only. Cool.

Hand of Salv and Inquisition remo … wait. Inquisition? So … do we get more damage passively then or what? *scratches head* Ok, so I’ll file that under ‘yay one less cooldown to keep track of’ for now.

So, ret gets wings and prot gets the angry man. What do I get as a cooldown as holy? Divine Favour I guess. And Holy Avenger if I take it. Basically, I have far fewer extra buttons to push and remember to use outside of my direct healing spells. Hell, I even have one less direct healing spell. I can live with this.


Hymn of Hope .. gone! So, what, they nixed every single mana return spell? I bet there’s no more mana tide totem, either.

Inner Fire and Inner Will removed … um. But … boo.


Disarm Trap .. gone! Have fun in the suppression room in BWL like the rest of us losers.


Rockbiter Weapon has been removed. I guess the hopes of the people holding out for a shaman tanking spec just went up in flames.

Stormlash Totem … gone! Ok, now Shudal is over in the corner crying with Schriko.

Nothing about mana tide totem? What?? So, is every raid going to require having a resto shaman now? D:


Drain Soul and Fel Flame are gone. I never used them anyway.

A couple of the Metamorphosis spells are gone. Since I don’t recognize them, I guess I won’t miss them.

Soulshatter is gone, and I will miss that one. Seriously, why remove the one threat reduction spell? Does not compute.


Battle Shout and Commanding Shout last an hour and do not generate rage. So, like Horn of Winter, they join the rest of the part-wide buffs.

Berserker Stance is gone.


Demoralizing and Skull banners are gone.

Hamstring is now passive and causes Mortal Strike, Bloodthirst, Revenge, and Raging Blow to reduce the target’s movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. R U SERIAL? LOVE THIS ❤

Whirlwind is fury only. Good, it has felt really, really weird to me to have that on my bar as Arms this xpac.

Other Stuff

Vengeance … gone! Replaced with Resolve, which increases your healing and absorption done to yourself based on stamina and damage taken in the last 10 seconds. I guess Schriko won’t be leading the raid in damage done anymore. And what will this do for leveling as a tank? I mean, the increased damage from vengeance was a big reason that leveling in a tank spec became possible. Are we going back to the dark ages or what?

Hey Rep! Keep reading, dummy! There’s more! Then, to keep tank DPS meaningful, we’ll be raising their damage, since it would be meager with no Vengeance Attack Power (Vengeance accounted for 70-90% of a tank’s damage on high-tank-damage fights in Mists). To do that, we’re increasing the damage of several prominent tank abilities, as well as having tanks also gain increased Attack Power from Mastery, in addition to the stat’s existing benefits.

Oh. Ok. Well then!


All classes automatically learn some important major glyphs as they level. Sure, NOW that I have everything leveled … ha! Still, this is a great change for newer players who may not have access to gold or a scribe.

I’m not even going to go through ALL of the class changes here. Let me just point you to the notes as posted on WoW Insider.

Progress on Something New

March 31, 2014

I didn’t get any leveling done this weekend. I got sidetracked by something. No, no, not a new game. Not D3 either.

Friday night I was running around with Averry. He wanted to go to MC and BWL, and I decided to take Van because he needs rep and also because the character that Averry was bringing couldn’t use 2 handers and I would cry if Ashkandi dropped when no one could mog it. Averry mentioned that it would be more important to have someone who can use the legendary drops in MC. I sort of scoffed at this. I mean, what are the odds of any of those dropping? I’ve seen one binding in all the years I’ve played. So of course, just to prove me wrong, the Eye of Sulfuras drops.

You can guess what I spent the weekend doing, right? I’m going to have to craft a Sulfuron Hammer to fuse with that Eye in order to get my legendary. So off I went to Wowhead.

I happened to have one Sulfuras Ingot in my guild bank, and Kirgra just happens to have a BS skill of 305, when 300 is needed to learn the pattern for the hammer. I also gathered the 20 gold bars, 10 truesilver bars, and 2 Star Rubies that were needed for her to learn to smelt dark iron. This all required two separate trips to BRD however, because I hadn’t even thought about the dark iron until after I went there to get the BS pattern.

So, the hammer requires 8 Sulfuron Ingots, 10 blood of the mountain, 10 Fiery Core, 10 Lava Core, 25 Essence of Fire, 50 Arcanite Bars, and 20 dark iron bars. I remember helping Hartbane gather these things way back when. Well, now it is my turn.

In one run through MC, Kirgra gathered all of the cores and essences. Those are the easy part. She got enough dark iron to craft 7 bars. That is the hard part. It takes 8 ore to make 1 bar. Ouch! And the nodes do not respawn. If I had more than one miner … *eyes Arelin but resists the temptation to transfer him*

Arcanite bars I wasn’t even going to mess around. I bought two stacks of Arcane Crystals and a bunch of Thorium bars on the AH and put Van to work transmuting. You want that hammer you gotta do some of the work, elf! Fortunately, he’s transmute specced, so I only had to buy two extra crystals past the two stacks.

So, what do we have left? Sulfuron Ingots and blood of the mountain. The ingots only drop off of … I should know his name without looking it up after so many runs this weekend. Maybe my brain is blocking it out because I never want to see him again? Oh yeah, Golemagg. Anyway, that’s a chance of getting one per week per character. Thanks to Averry and my many alts, I have 7 already. Blood of the Mountain can be had from mining dark iron nodes, OR can drop off of Molten Giants and Molten Destroyers. I managed to collect 6 of these.

Yes, I actually ran every single alt that is 85+ on Kargath-Norgannon through MC this weekend. Instead of leveling, they were working. AND the route I used to get to Blackrock Mountain was flying up from the Blasted Lands, so I made them all detour to Karazhan and kill Attumen. Obviously the horse didn’t drop or this post would be quite different. Anyway … this still gave me practice on the new classes. AoE practice especially, something I don’t do a lot of when questing (not counting the prot paladin, who pulls as much as he can.) Ok, maybe the balance druid didn’t need AoE practice. The rogue, he just vanished and ran away when he aggroed the packs of core hounds in Magmadar’s room. The shaman learned about fire nova (I didn’t even have it on my bar prior to this.) Adryen found a new respect for the Spinning Crane Kick that all of the other monk players I see use almost to the exclusion of any other abilities. Vorta learned to love Berserk … and hate the long cooldown on it. The prot paladin? Um … he couldn’t kill them. He tanked them all the way through the instance, clear up until Ragnaros died, and then just ran them all to the entrance and escaped out the portal. LOL! It was silly, I know, but I kinda of enjoyed having a wall of drooling monster dogs in my face the whole time. Hey, it gave me nonstop Avenger’s Shield procs! Good times.