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Ambassador Crusader Roz’jin of the Horde

August 30, 2009

Hi dere. Dis troll has not been addressin joo directly for some time. Dis be a special occasion, mon. Ah been havin a fun time jousting for dose Argent dudes, and dey finally come to recognize dis troll’s contributions to da cause.

Ya, dem elves, dey noticed too … along wit de rest of de Horde. So joo can jest be calling me Ambassador Crusader Roz’jin of the Horde now, mon.

Oh ya, de guild got spammed wit my 10,000th honourable kill last night, too.

Dis troll got a special prize for all his accomplishments. Ah know you all will want one too, but dis one is mine … even if she don’t know it. *grin*

Katia done finished up Nagrand last night, wit some special help from a very awesome DK in de guild who basically soloed Durn and de Ring of Blood wit what little help she could provide. (Thanks again Opp! You rule) She soloed everytin else up to dat point, i.e. all de Nesingwary elites and dat bird where you jump in de nest to steal de eggs. So she be wanderin off to Northrend soon…once she locates de boats dat go dere.

Scuse me, mah adorin fans be beggin fer my attention, so I gots to split. Peace, mon.

WHAT Did Joo Call Me?!

May 23, 2009

A “sissy flower-picking noobie priest in a dress” who can’t even get to level 10? Joo be 63 an’ dis troll’s flower pickin’ an’ skinnin’ be higher skill dan your minin’ an’ skinnin’. What joo have to say about dat? An’ for all joo readers who be waitin’ to see dis troll’s handsome face, here it be.


P.S. Dat ting I sayed in gchat about Priest Leveling 101 = PW:S and run … dat totally be jus’ a joke mon.

Rozjin Goes to Outland

March 17, 2009

Rozjin here. How joo be? Dis troll been all over de place lately. I been spending time in de Plaguelands, de wasteland of Silithus, and de snowy hills of Winterspring. Ah didn’t much like any of them too much. So I was pretty happy when I reached 58 and could move to dat place called Outland dat I be hearin about. So I went to the Blasted Lands to find the Dark Portal. When I first seen it, I was amazed. Dat is some powerful magic to make a portal that huge and that can send anyone dat enters it to a whole nother world. So I went in it, hoping to find some of dat magic on de other side. But first, here’s a shot of me standing in front of it before I entered.


Pretty handsome, eh? Well, one level in Outland and dat all changed. Now I be lookin like a pimp daddy or something. I got dis big purple hat. It be outrageous mon!


I be only a few bars from 60 now, den I be going back to Sen’jin to get me a new faster mount. Ah’ll check back in a couple days and show joo all de tings I see … I might be in dat Zangarmarsh by den, visiting me troll brethren at Swamprat Post.

Rozjin Visits da Jungle

March 5, 2009

Rozjin here. I been running all over de place in dat Stranglethorn Vale. I heard a lot about da jungle and always wanted to see where da tribe come from so long ago. I killed many of da tribe’s enemies over de last few days, mon. Bloodscalps and Skullsplitters alike been burned to ash…but I still be searchin for poor Yenniku. Mebbe I find him soon. I be almost level 44 now, and thought joo all might like to see dis handsome troll’s face once, so here I be, taking a break by a waterfall in de jungle. My mana be almost back to full though, so I be going now.