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Progress on Something New

March 31, 2014

I didn’t get any leveling done this weekend. I got sidetracked by something. No, no, not a new game. Not D3 either.

Friday night I was running around with Averry. He wanted to go to MC and BWL, and I decided to take Van because he needs rep and also because the character that Averry was bringing couldn’t use 2 handers and I would cry if Ashkandi dropped when no one could mog it. Averry mentioned that it would be more important to have someone who can use the legendary drops in MC. I sort of scoffed at this. I mean, what are the odds of any of those dropping? I’ve seen one binding in all the years I’ve played. So of course, just to prove me wrong, the Eye of Sulfuras drops.

You can guess what I spent the weekend doing, right? I’m going to have to craft a Sulfuron Hammer to fuse with that Eye in order to get my legendary. So off I went to Wowhead.

I happened to have one Sulfuras Ingot in my guild bank, and Kirgra just happens to have a BS skill of 305, when 300 is needed to learn the pattern for the hammer. I also gathered the 20 gold bars, 10 truesilver bars, and 2 Star Rubies that were needed for her to learn to smelt dark iron. This all required two separate trips to BRD however, because I hadn’t even thought about the dark iron until after I went there to get the BS pattern.

So, the hammer requires 8 Sulfuron Ingots, 10 blood of the mountain, 10 Fiery Core, 10 Lava Core, 25 Essence of Fire, 50 Arcanite Bars, and 20 dark iron bars. I remember helping Hartbane gather these things way back when. Well, now it is my turn.

In one run through MC, Kirgra gathered all of the cores and essences. Those are the easy part. She got enough dark iron to craft 7 bars. That is the hard part. It takes 8 ore to make 1 bar. Ouch! And the nodes do not respawn. If I had more than one miner … *eyes Arelin but resists the temptation to transfer him*

Arcanite bars I wasn’t even going to mess around. I bought two stacks of Arcane Crystals and a bunch of Thorium bars on the AH and put Van to work transmuting. You want that hammer you gotta do some of the work, elf! Fortunately, he’s transmute specced, so I only had to buy two extra crystals past the two stacks.

So, what do we have left? Sulfuron Ingots and blood of the mountain. The ingots only drop off of … I should know his name without looking it up after so many runs this weekend. Maybe my brain is blocking it out because I never want to see him again? Oh yeah, Golemagg. Anyway, that’s a chance of getting one per week per character. Thanks to Averry and my many alts, I have 7 already. Blood of the Mountain can be had from mining dark iron nodes, OR can drop off of Molten Giants and Molten Destroyers. I managed to collect 6 of these.

Yes, I actually ran every single alt that is 85+ on Kargath-Norgannon through MC this weekend. Instead of leveling, they were working. AND the route I used to get to Blackrock Mountain was flying up from the Blasted Lands, so I made them all detour to Karazhan and kill Attumen. Obviously the horse didn’t drop or this post would be quite different. Anyway … this still gave me practice on the new classes. AoE practice especially, something I don’t do a lot of when questing (not counting the prot paladin, who pulls as much as he can.) Ok, maybe the balance druid didn’t need AoE practice. The rogue, he just vanished and ran away when he aggroed the packs of core hounds in Magmadar’s room. The shaman learned about fire nova (I didn’t even have it on my bar prior to this.) Adryen found a new respect for the Spinning Crane Kick that all of the other monk players I see use almost to the exclusion of any other abilities. Vorta learned to love Berserk … and hate the long cooldown on it. The prot paladin? Um … he couldn’t kill them. He tanked them all the way through the instance, clear up until Ragnaros died, and then just ran them all to the entrance and escaped out the portal. LOL! It was silly, I know, but I kinda of enjoyed having a wall of drooling monster dogs in my face the whole time. Hey, it gave me nonstop Avenger’s Shield procs! Good times.

Paladins Everywhere

October 14, 2011

An update today on the paladins I’ve been working on.

Rathanos.  After finishing Dizzee, Arv moved on to … well, not what I was expecting. Ha! I assumed we’d go back to his Alliance 4-tank project, but he had this sudden itch to play a rogue and his bank alt just happened to be one (as most of mine are). So once he got her into the 20’s I offered to tank for him, seeing as how he has tanked at least 100 dungeons for me by now.

We did a couple different randoms. We got Gnomeregan first. No problem, I’ve run it enough times with him tanking to know exactly where to go in this new shortened version. Unfortunately, some of our groupmates (ok, all of them) are unable to properly work a simple gnomish parachute. I must admit, though, I found it quite amusing to see the walking slab of beef in a dress that was supposed to be healing me fall through the air like a stone and go splat! on the hard  floor. We actually still would have been fine … with WoG and LoH and Arv’s dps, we were whittling away at the boss’s health … but then all these ADDS came from the floor above. Now, I’ve seen this happen before when a pet class jumps down without dismissing their pet … but we had … rogue, mage, priest, paladin x2. And no, before you ask .. the mage was arcane, not frost. So no clue. Anyway we came back in and tried it again and this time at least four of us managed to not die to the jump, although Arv and I were still the only ones who used our chutes. L2click a parachute, fools!

Second up, BFD. As I’m picking up the quests, the healer realizes he left his heirlooms on another toon and logs out to get them, and the two huntards have run ahead and are pulling. As if it wasn’t bad enough that I get lost in this place, right? So I get to the edge of the water and ask them to wait for the healer to return. They keep pulling, he comes back, Arv and I swim through to the other side and over the hill the way we’ve always done. Look around and we’re alone. /shrug … Arv goes ahead of me and saps things for me. Group catches up, we kill the turtle, we move on to the next area. I’m semi-lost but it’s ok I know we’re getting *somewhere*. As I’m pulling stuff, the HEALER starts  bitching. Is he bitching about the huntards who are still killing their own shit instead of following along and being good little group members? Hell no. The dipstick is yelling at me for using WoG. He asks if I have Templar’s Verdict. Ummm, no, that’s ret only. He says well use your shield thing instead then. Dude, I’m too low level to have that yet. I have only ONE thing I can use my holy power on. I’m sorry you’re fucking bored and want a challenge, maybe you should have left your heirlooms off then. Pull another group, health goes to half, use WoG. ‘OMG please stop healing yourself!’ Dude … /facepalm … I swear, if Arv hadn’t been there with me, I would have pulled a Slice. As it was, I couldn’t wait to get out of there and I made a beeline for the final boss, skipping two in the process.

After that we decided it would be more beneficial to just straight queue for SM:GY, so we did a few of those. I feel like I did ok, it’s sort of fun being ‘in charge’ once in awhile, although it’s not really my personal preference. I like following, although I get bitchy when the person leading doesn’t do things the way I prefer them to be done. Sounds about right, ya? lol. It takes a lot out of me though, having to keep up the pace and be on my toes for extra adds and things. Is it a challenge? You bet! Is it fun? It definitely can be. Would I want to tank all the time? Not only no, but HELL no. It’s a nice diversion once in awhile, and there is nothing hotter than a really good tankadin. (Especially in a dress .. come on Arv you KNOW you are hawt in that thing) But I’m not gonna lie … I may have breathed a small little sigh of relief when I logged on Monday after Arv had been home all day to find that he’d leveled right past Rath.

Kalethos. I got some good leveling in on him as well, although I got nowhere near Outland. Khizzara and friends have gotten up to 63 or so anyway so I sort of slowed down and started spending time getting my professions caught up, which meant spending time on the DK mining and herbing. Then I noticed how fast Arv was leveling and put even more time into the professions, giving him time to get caught up … because I must confess, I missed having my dungeon buddy along for the 10 levels I did on my own.

He’s had some interesting adventures as well. I zoned into an RFD … and the two dps who zoned in at the same time apparently were running back from a wipe. We ran to where the tank and other dps were and had to jump down into a chasm between two groups of mobs. Buffs went out, I beaconed the tank, and watched as this warrior with no weapon or shield ran into range of the first group, taunted one of the mobs, then turned tail and proceeded to run in circles with the mobs chasing him. He’d stop evey once in awhile to toss out another thunderclap then start circling again. It was … well I think I still have a bruise on my chin from the floor. He did the same thing with the other group, and then pulled Glutton. I tried. I really did. I kept him up for a long time but with no melee abilities and no shield … he tried to kite but Glutton eventually caught up to him. Well at least he was the only one who died. We did manage to finish off the boss. And yes, I did rez him before I dropped group.

Stratholme, live side. Wonderful bear tank asks if anyone needs to do the quests. I have them, so we go to Fras Siabi’s corner first. Pass the next gate, and turn right.  We get almost up to where The Unforgiven is when the mage says we are going the wrong way. You know … dps should just STFU and follow the tank when it’s obvious that the tank is doing just fine. He wasn’t some lost noob who was acting like he didn’t know where to go. Quite the opposite, he was a skilled and competent tank. Then the rogue pipes up with some shit about how he could tank better than the bear. *sigh*  So the bear sits back and says ‘have at it’ on the big pull before Timmy. I do my best but I can’t keep the three dumbps up through them all. As the last of them falls and the mobs turn to me, the bear picks them up and he and I finish them off. I mass rez, the rogue gets kicked, we move on. Except we don’t. The bear and mage and hunter were all from the same realm but different guilds, so I can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t some sort of inter-guild pissing match. Whatever it was, the bear and mage continue to snipe at each other the rest of the run.  I still have two quests in my log that didn’t get finished because .. well, hell, I don’t blame the bear, I wanted to get done and gtfo of there too.

Now, it wasn’t all bad, however. My first trip to DM:North resulted in my first ever full tribute run. And last night, Arv got to within two levels of me and we got to run it together. I’m up to 49 and have my professions both at or above 225 so I’m making good progress. I’m also enjoying guild chat and starting to make a few new friends over there on Kargath.

Raerisa. Wait … who?? Yeah, well, see … one of those new friends wanted to run some lower level dungeons, and wanted to see my lone female belf in particular. So I logged on to her and looked at her gear. Uh .. yeah. Holy ain’t gonna happen here without spending some cash on the AH and uh … you know, she’s got a collection of 2Hers to go with this strength gear. So I plugged in some ret talents, sent out a stalker ID party invite, and away we went. We got a good tank and SM:GY and it was ok I guess. But then said tank wanted to requeue and … well … ugh. One way to avoid the whole parachute fiasco in Gnomer is to … run the entire instance without taking the shortcuts. Ugh. We were in there for-freakin-EVER! My bud is complementing my dps (like on most of my non-max-level toons, I have recount turned off) while I am complaining about the tiny little arms and legs on my toon that are thinner than the mace she is wielding. I hate her. HATE HER. She hit level 30 in there. I’m not certain it is enough to save her. I’ve threatened to delete her.

Yes, I still have the two humans I’ve been working on as well from time to time. Marionus gets leveled first when I feel like playing a human, since he is on AngerFork’s server. Klin … was having fun with Arv’s toons but I think he’s outleveled me on all of them now. And since he has no one at all on that server, he’s lowest priority. Well, second lowest, if you count Rae.

This weekend I’ll see if I can get Kale to Outland though. And get his profs up to 300. That is the goal for now.

It’s Not Just Nelfs

September 27, 2011

So … apparently whining yesterday worked. I finally got a mount, and it was even on one of the paladins! Kerick’s reaction says it best:

Also, it’s nice that they finally put prize tokens in the bags. The less of that ram racing I have to do, the better. Although, beyond the Brew of the Month Club for Dyle, there’s nothing else I *need* besides a pink elekk for Van. Anything else I pick up with tokens is a bonus.

Ok, on to the main subject for today. After I finished my Direbrew runs and checked in on my multiple AH businesses, Arv logged on. ‘Yo, I’ve got an hour before Kerick goes to Black Temple, wanna do somethin?’ Well, he was eating and knocking out his own 15 Direbrew runs, so I thought ‘hmmm maybe this would be a good time to tank something.’ Somehow, just knowing that Arv was online gave me much more confidence than I’d had the day before. I did groan a little when the loading screen for Deadmines appeared, but then I thought ‘You know, none of these people know me. To them, I’m this character … they don’t know I’m scared, they just see a hot belf in BoA plate. They don’t even know I’m a girl!’  And yes, THIS TIME I was wearing my damn helmet. >.<

So yesterday, Arioch posted about her low level experiences on her baby night elf druid. Well, no, it’s not just night elf druids that are being dumb. You should have seen the tauren druid in this run.  Let me start at the beginning. A couple times on the way to the first boss I notice there’s a bear. Well there’s also a troll druid in the group as kitty, so I don’t think much of it, I just assume it’s him … it wouldn’t be unusual for a kitty to mess around in bear. Not saying it’s correct, just not unusual. During the Glubtok fight, I notice a bear AND a kitty. Wait, wut? Oh, the bear is the … healer. /facepalm

Ok, first pull out of that room cleared, now there’s a side tunnel/alcove/dead end on the left, and the main tunnel going straight ahead and to the right. I move forward and pull a solo miner … and watch in disbelief on my minimap as two orange dots and a pink dot go down the side tunnel and enter combat. The mage stayed with me. He got to stand around and look fabulous while I mass rezzed the others and asked ‘Why you not follow the tank?’ The kitty asks ‘Just who is tanking here? I followed the bear because I thought he was the tank.’ Apparently, the shield icon next to my name and the fact that I’d been doing the leading/pulling wasn’t enough? I know what Arv is gonna say to this part … if they don’t know I’m tanking, I’m not pulling fast enough. Yeah so .. let’s fix that.

Back to the main tunnel, everyone rezzed and ready to go. I toss my shield .. right at the same moment as dumbdruid tosses roots out on the mob. W.T.F.  He continued to do this on almost every pull. We made it though Helix, cleared through the trash in the next tunnel, and ran into Foe Reaper’s room. I’m thinking ‘oh god which idiot is gonna run the prototype’ when I realized oh … there isn’t one in regular. Thank god! Pull a harvester, kill it, dumbdruid pulls the next one. Dude. Kill it, I’m at half health, he pulls another one! I’m like omg stop it and rush over and throw my shield and get aggro … and of course he’s too busy pulling more to heal me and I die. Kitty druid pipes up ‘I should not have to heal the tank. You are an idiot.’ Boss is pulled … we down him, but the dps are done with this guy. Kinda funny that they issued the vote to kick instead of me. But I was all for it! We got a cute little gobby shammy and the rest of the run was clean for the most part. Oh and yes, the previous healer‘s spec was feral. /sigh

Arv and I had a couple of dumb Tauren druids in our UP runs, too. Two in a row. Both moonkin who never used moonkin form. Both who stood around scratching their butts most of the time instead of dpsing. One of them afk’d in the middle of the Skadi fight … in the frost breath … I was lmao as he flopped down dead in it. Hell no I’m not healing him through it!

So anyway, yeah … dungeon #2 went pretty well as far as my role went. I gained two levels, got a nice new weapon, and learned Lay on Hands, so maybe now I’ll try pulling faster.


Notes From the Weekend

September 26, 2011

Lazy today, so instead of breaking things into their own posts I’m just tossing stuff together here. Deal with it.

Ragnaros. Still needs to die. Sigh. We made super awesome progress … especially once we switched over to 2 healing it. Things just all go to hell in the final phase though, and having an extra healer isn’t going to solve meteors rolling through the tanks/melee. Our best attempt was … 1%. Yes really. All of my friends in other guilds were telling me how they downed Rag this week. Well … so what. We’re as close as you can get without him actually dying. It’ll happen soon enough.

Direbrew. Got Juna to 84 over the weekend and found that she could queue for it now. Woohoo! It’s probably a good thing I have recount disabled on her though. Also, despite running the boss on 8 (now 9) toons each day, the only thing I have to show for it is a couple of tankards. You’d think I could get a mount in there somewhere eh? Zari got one. Kisara got one that she already had! One funny thing happened though .. queued up on Arelin and guess who was in my group? Arv’s hunter! And we didn’t even queue together. Oh, yeah, and he got a mount.

Hartbane. Is bored already and I haven’t really been able to help entertain him since I have so many projects I’m working on. Sorry! Yo dude, roll some alts or somethin!

Dizzee and Dyle. The main reason I didn’t play with Hart much. Arv is eyeing those Direbrew trinkets, so we’ve been pushing hard through Northrend. We’re about 2/3 of the way through 77 now. Tempted to open up the Argent Tourney at 78 to boost the xp in those last two levels. Probably about time to start looking at Cata greens so I have replacements for the heirlooms once I hit 80. We’ll need an ilevel boost to queue for BRC once we get there. I’m just a few points short of Cata tailoring … my enchanting is about 15 points behind.

Rathanos.  Wrath-a-who? Yeah, um … there was this article a little over a week ago on WoW Insider about rolling a prot pally. I left a comment about how I was really tempted by the article… and something about how you can never have too many pallies or belfs … and when the author (veteran prot blogger Rhidach from Righteous Defense) replied to my comment, it totally sealed the deal. I know! I know. I already have a paladin. Um .. some paladins. Two on the same server and faction now. So??? Here he is at level 4 or 5 in the starting zone.

Yeah he didn’t even have a shield yet there. I finished getting him to level 15 yesterday. I crafted some green stuff for him to wear. I found a couple of old enchants lying around to put on a couple of his things. I reached for the LFD button … and had a total breakdown in gchat. Dude. My first toon to kill an end boss this expansion was a tank! I’m not the greatest at it, but I willingly step into raids as a tank when needed (or did before Firelands at least). Why does the prospect of tanking 5 mans freak me out so much? Especially level 15 5 mans? I mean seriously … I think I even said in chat “It’s only RFC, how bad can it be?” Except my next thought was “but what if I DON’T get RFC? WC and Deadmines are right there on the possible list too!” So yeah … I finally talked myself into it and got an RFC in progress. There were two other paladins there wearing shields. One was holy … the other wasn’t. Really? Why queue as DPS if you’re prot? They at least didn’t have RF on, so once I had aggro it was all good. But it was only like 3 pulls and the boss. Since I missed the quests because of zoning into the middle, I wasn’t down for staying around. I decided to count it as a success and get the hell out of Dodge. Small steps … with my stage fright, this is totally the way to go about it. No way am I gonna try to learn prot on one of my 85s. Hopefully Arv won’t get sick of me asking questions, because I’ll probably drive him crazy later when things get more involved and I have more to do than throw my shield and curse about the 20s cooldown on Word of Glory.