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Farming Lovely Charms

February 7, 2012

Yesterday I was sitting here minding my own business at work when Trout e-mailed me complaining about the low drop rate of Lovely Charms the night before. I was like, ‘yeah, you know, I didn’t get very many either,’ so I hit up Google and went on a researching mission. Not surprisingly, the official forums are full of bitching about this. However, in between the whining, I also found some very helpful posts with suggested farming sites. So last night, after my daily ganking in Uldum for the holiday daily, I headed out to test the spot that I found most appealing.

The site I chose? The Iron Crucible located inside Halls of Lightning. This is the room full of elementals that you run through after you have killed the first boss. Why did I choose this place?

  • It’s instanced, so there’s no competition for kills, and most importantly if you are on a PvP server like my belfs, NO ONE CAN GANK YOU!
  • The adds are level 79 non-elites with just under 16k health, so they die very easily, even to a newb in greens like my third-string pally. (Seriously, he got a ring in ZA last night that was an upgrade for his ret set.)
  • The adds do not drop loot. Some might count this as a negative rather than a positive, but I’m there for Lovely Charms and only Lovely Charms. Looting would slow me down and take up bag space with non-Charms.
  • The adds have a very fast respawn rate.

So, how did the test run turn out?

In the first 20 minutes there, I went from 11 Charms to 81 Charms. Then I grabbed my mage friend who was looking to work on the holiday as well, and said hey come out to Ulduar and I’ll show you how to churn these babies out fast. Once I had her there, we each took a side of the room and neither one of us even had to move from our spots. I was standing in one place, perfectly still, and would have three adds at a time spawning on top of me. I’d use Art of War procs to one-shot slags to my sides for super bonus fun times. After another 30 minutes I was up to 200 Charms.

One other thing to consider…there have been complaints that people who have the Test Your Strength quest from Darkmoon Faire will get fewer drops because the Grisly Trophies and Lovely Charms cannot drop at the same time.  I did not get to test that last night … Kale had turned in Test Your Strength when the Faire opened on Sunday, so he does NOT have it in his log. I’ve seen reports that putting the Adventurer’s Guide in your bank when you go out to farm Charms remedies this situation.

So there you go, a perfect spot to grind out those charms, and you can even bring a friend to speed it up!

P.S. Today is my 3 year blogivesary. Three years! Is that crazy or what? Thank you to everyone who has visited over the years.  Don’t forget to mock Sorak in the comments!

You’re A Mean One

December 16, 2011

So, when I first read about the changes to Winter Veil’s quests involving Metzen the Reindeer and The Abominable Greench, I was both excited and appalled.

The Good

A chance every day at a pet in the bag! Hooray!

The Bad

A chance to not get a pet in the bag every day! (Van has struck out 3 holidays in a row now)

A group quest, not a dungeon. Will I have to fly to Hillsbrad every day? Will I be able to complete the quest if I don’t have a group, or will I have to fight to tag the bitch like with those lieutenants up on Sethria’s Roost that Kerick still hasn’t been able to complete? How big of a clusterfuck will this be on my PvP servers?

Well, let’s find out! I’ve got 45 minutes before I have to leave for bowling.

I decided to start with Kerick, since it at least would eliminate the whole PvP situation. The answer to the first question is … yes. You have to fly to Hillsbrad every day. From Ironforge. Well, when you’re a paladin with 310 flight + Crusader Aura, it’s not so bad. Kerick has it easy. So he flew out there, and hung in the air over this huge yeti with 3.4M health. Yeah, even if I go ret that ain’t gonna happen. As I’m hanging around, Arv whispers me about the new boots and gloves he found that are a better match for his transmog outfit. So I logged out and hopped on Wega to go check him out. (WHY did I not screenshot him? Total fayle there on my part. You’ll just have to take my word for it … he’s hawt.) When I logged back over to Kerick, the yeti was dead, the reindeer was standing in the middle of the clearing, and the bags just inside the cave entrance were sparkling. Swoop down, talk to Metzen, grab a bag, hop back on a mount and fly up into the air with my quest completed! (Proof that I’ve gotten used to the PvP servers. This is habit now, to never leave myself vulnerable. If they’re ambitious enough for an aerial attack though, they deserve the HK.) I check the guild roster and see that Bocat is on her way here. Excitedly, I inform her of the development, and I wait for her to get there. She’s all like ‘Will I get flagged if I pelt the Horde with snowballs?’ Um, no, not unless they are flagged. So I wait for her to get there and complete her quest, and as I’m flying away, I see her tossing snowballs at a belf. Haha! Kerick got some racecars or something, so he can go all Initial D on the raid Friday night.

Ok, time for bowling league.

Get back home, and it’s Van’s turn. Hop a zep to Tirisfal and fly down to Hillsbrad. A shorter trip than Kerick has, but there’s also that PvP issue. Plus the small population on Drak. I get there and the only other person around is a single Worgen hunter. I watch the dimwit pull the yeti and get stomped.  Then I’m all like ‘Arv, come kill this!’ So he and Stunnah group me up and I share the quest and summon them to Hillsbrad. We … well, I’ll be honest, we actually wiped on it the first time.  There are a couple of things to watch out for on this fight.

1. If a snowman appears next to you … RUN AWAY. It will do a frost nova that freezes anyone caught in it in an ice block.

2. If a decorated tree appears next to you … RUN AWAY. The Greench will soon be leaping to that spot and hitting everyone nearby with a knockback that does damage, throws you in the air, AND causes you to take fall damage when you land.

We completed it on the next try, with a little help from two others who showed up. Hearthed, turned in quests, queued for a dungeon. Inside the entrance to End Time, Arv opens his box. Darn, he just got some toys. Then Van opens his. OMG!

Awww……he’s like Pebble’s coal-colored cousin. So cute.  So Van won’t have to do the daily more than once.

We ran several dungeons, so it was midnight when I logged on to Kale to get his done. Firetree was a completely different story from Drak. There were two others on the zep with me. When I got to the site, there were several Alliance down below. There was some discussion in general chat and it became obvious that there were more Horde around than just the two others I had seen. I said I could heal if we had a tank handy, and I flew over to Tarren Mill to swap specs. Eventually we had a large enough force gathered to just land down there and pull him. Some of them invited me to a group.  Things were going well and then suddenly the hunter and his pet both had poisons. Uh oh, looks like the rogue is back.  I see the cat druid materialize just behind me and off to my left. Crap, I just know I’m about to get stunned. But no … he … cyclones me? Really?? During the few seconds I am cc’d I see the Greench go down and Metzen come walking out. You KNOW what I did when the cyclone wore off, right? Run right up to the reindeer, talk to him, head to the cave, grab a bag … and as I’m turning around, the mage is making a portal back to Org. Score!! I gtfo of Dodge then and there, leaving the people who actually wanted to PvP to fend for themselves. Eff that, I’m outtie! Unfortunately, no pet, so he’ll have to go back.

All in all, the quest was not as bad as I was expecting. However, right now *everyone* is doing it. I’m afraid that if I don’t get the pet early, I may be stuck having to actually beg people to group up and come kill him with me. I much prefer the holiday bosses that are instanced and can be queued for. But hey … it could be worse, at least I don’t have to actually tag or kill the beast myself. Maybe when Kerick is level 90 he can go back to Sethria’s Roost and solo stupid Kelbnar for his Flamebreaker title. >.<

P.S. Vacation starts at 5pm! Woooooooo! So … if the blog is dead for the next couple of weeks, it’s because I’m too busy playing to bother posting. I’ll try to post once or twice though.

More Mogs

December 13, 2011

So, I’ve sort of been after Sorak to go kill Cho’gall again since Van never got a chance to get T11 shoulders. I really want to use his Citadel Enforcer’s Claymore with his ret spec and don’t really have an armor set to go with it.  So I figured T11 would pass until I found something I like better.  (Side note: Kerick is wearing T11 for his ret set and wielding the Honed Voidaxe from the Ring of Blood in Nagrand … remind me to screenshot that one of these days. He looks great in sky blue.)

I couldn’t look at Van in his T12 dress with belt and gloves that match the warrior tier anymore though, and that Firelit Greatsword is ok, but … well, I acquired the last piece I needed for this other set over the weekend when I was working on BC rep, and decided to give it a try.

This is *mostly* the Warlord’s green-quality set that randomly drops in Outland. I decided I wasn’t fond of the shoulders though, and opted for the Warmaul ones instead.

The Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran drops off of Moroes in Karazhan. The set is topped off by the very awesome Nethersteel Claymore, another green-quality BoE from Outland. I am a sucker for long, straight, balanced blades like this. Sorak even asked me when I showed him my set “what sword is that?” so it does stand out from the crowd of epics that people tend to mog.

Again, just like with his main spec set, the guild tabard is a perfect complement to the set.

Arelin can finally wear his Tankatronic Goggles ALL OF TEH TIME! Yes, while a good number of people out there are turning their helms INTO the Horseman’s Horrific Helm … Arelin mogged his away. Belf + goggles = win. (But not the 359 ones, those are UGLY) He actually kept the look of a fair amount of the actual armor he has on. His gloves, boots, and belt all match the T11 warrior set, so I mogged his T7 Naxx shoulders, chest, and legs to go with it, since the shoulders have a similar color of aqua in them. I would love to mog that Reforged Heartless onto the offhand as well, but since he’s currently wielding an axe there … I’m SoL for the moment. Ignore the tabard, as he is still working on rep. His armor set would look great with the sword I wanted to use on Van, too bad it’s DK tier. Maybe I can get the guild to take him to kill Marrowgar on 10 man. Or, hell, Arv and I can probably 2 man that. Except he has a mace right now for his tank set … sigh. Same problem Kalyon is having, except he wants to use an axe instead of the mace he has.

You’ve seen Kale’s Conqueror’s set before, so I won’t go into details on the armor itself. He just wanted to show off the Razzashi hatchling he got in his satchel last night. Learning that also got him Stinker. One more point of ilevel and he can start getting into ZA and ZG.

It Goes to Eleven

December 12, 2011

Hey, I talked to someone who has 17, so I’m still behind!

First some shots from the last day of leveling, because I ❤ Deepholm.

OMG look … it’s Pebble!!

Once I had all the portals opened up and finished off Deepholm, I figured I’d queue specifically for Grim Batol, Lost City, and Halls of Origination, knowing there were quests to complete and gear upgrades I could get. GB went well but didn’t quite get me there, so the next one was Lost City .. and the quest turnins there did the trick.

Took a break after that to go kill Yogg with Crits, then once I came back over, Stunnah tanked my first couple of heroics for me. He was also chatting along in guild chat and vent at the same time, so we had a couple of not so pretty pulls. I purposely let him drop to something like 6k health before laying my hands on him. I joked ‘Why did I bother to queue with you instead of taking my chances on a random tank?’ 😛 Good times.

After that, I saw that CtA was up and was like .. hmmmmm … what the hell, why not! Got Halls of Origination. The dps were all ghosts … never a good sign. I ask where I need to go because it zoned me at the entrance and they obviously are farther than that. They were past the first boss, on the pull left of the elevator that includes one of the fire dudes. Tank with 139k health runs up, breaks both of the CC, and proceeds to get demolished, while the dps all choose a different target to hit. Tank drops. I wait until we’re back in front of the pull to re-queue us so that our new tank will appear where we are. This one is at least competent and we get through it, minus all optional bosses … although he did need on the spell sword at the end and won it over me with a roll of 8 to 6. Bitch!

CtA was still up, and it was definitely close to bedtime … but the chatter in vent was going strong and I was having fun. So I queued again. And got Grim Batol. Really? *sigh* Well, at least it wasn’t Deadmines. This time the tank was most excellent. I do enjoy getting good bears. (The HoO tanks were … yep, you guessed it … paladins of the Tauren variety.) The dps … notsomuch.  They managed to avoid killing the adds on Drahga.  The tank and I plus one dps managed to pull it off anyway. They managed to mostly avoid killing the adds on Erudax. Yeah, those adds heal the boss so … seriously, I have never seen a fail this huge on that fight. When the second set of adds came out … there was still an add up from the FIRST set. Tank gives instructions as we’re running back on how to do the fight. Second pull goes much better … boss is at 800k … and they decide to ignore an add and the boss heals back up to 4M. Tanks tells all the dps to GTFO … one of them listens and we get a lock to replace them. Third time is a charm.

Is it 5 yet? I wanna go home and run heroics!!!!11!1!