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Juggs Deactivated

April 8, 2014

So … Iron Juggernaut. The damage on this fight on heroic is just stupid. I mean seriously stupid. Everything hits for 200-300k, and some of it is random damage that can’t be avoided. If you get hit by more than one thing at a time, you’re done for. I was one of the first to die on every. single. pull. Except this one …


To deal with the incredible amount of damage, we … gosh, I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but apparently it’s a strategy that has worked for other raids, and hey, he’s dead so … yes, we 4 healed it. I don’t think we would have gotten through it without the extra cooldowns.

In other news … they finally got me. I don’t know why I even bothered to resist, it was inevitable. After raid I always stay in vent and chat. Kash and the tanks were all playing D3 together while I did quests in the Storm Peaks on Giska. They were having so much fun! So I figured, you know, I don’t have to buy the xpac to check out the loot changes. So I logged on. The witch doctor went out and promptly died to the first pack of mobs she saw. Yeah. But I decided the barbarian deserved a chance, too, so I dusted him off as well. The first two mobs he killed dropped upgrades! He is level 35 and was actually on the final quest, so he ended up killing Diablo and getting two legendary drops. Yeah … let’s just say Van logged on to collect his treasure goblin pet before I went to bed.

I blame Lyss! She told me the Crusader is voiced by the same actor as Lor’themar. She tempted me! Evil warlock, you just can’t trust them! :p

Chugging Along

October 15, 2012

No, I didn’t make it into LFR. Maybe tonight? I’ll have enough VP tonight to buy my first epic off the Klaxxi. I’ve just been doing dailies. We did run some dungeons last week though, so I have *some* heroic gear. But uh … I’m still wearing boots and one ring from DS … yeah. I need to fix that. I’ve done some scenarios and all my bags ever seem to have are gold. *sigh*

I love the scenery in MoP … check out this place in the lower vaults of Mogu’shan.

And … oh. I thought I had grabbed the shot of Pandaria Dungeon Master but I guess this is not it. Oh well. Here! Have a shot of me getting Loremaster. lol

Golden Lotus is … ugh. I don’t mind the dailies, but without much of a questline, it seems like quite a slog starting from neutral with only a few dailies to help you along each day. I’m still stuck in friendly with them. And I can’t move on to Shado-Pan or August Celestials until I hit revered? Really?? And then you guys wonder why I’d rather look for dark soil or do pet battles. Because those things are FUN.

Hanging With Khizzara

May 7, 2012

Quickpost today as I have a lot of work to do. Typical Monday. Bleh.

So I was goofing around at the Faire when Arv sets up a group to run heroics. He’s working on the 50,000 VP achievement. Yes, he is crazy. We all know this. So he gets me, Slice, and Zari to agree to this and then tells us to wait, he has one more he wants to invite. I check my stalker ID. Hmm … no, Stunnah isn’t on. Who else does he know? I have a suspicion, based on who is online on my list. And … I am right! Kashina!! Yeah, hold on, I’m getting Van. No crappy alts for this party!

Moar HoTs!!!!!

I bet you can guess how that ended, right? It’s always a toy party disco with Arv around.

I have a TON of other stuff to post from this weekend … Arv drug me back to WoW hardcore ya know. Crap, here comes another delivery truck. Back to work!

P.S. WTB Hour of Twilight! We ran an endless loop of End Time and Well of Eternity. I am once again completely sick of them.

The Big Five-O

April 16, 2012

I spent all day Saturday on Corellia. Interesting place. My favorite place, of course, is the zoo. In one quest, you have an option of killing some of the escaped jaggalor, or injecting them with something that will make them view you as part of their pack and cause them to turn on their Republic handlers. If you have to ask which option Van took, you don’t know me very well. Here he is with one of his new buddies …

Sunday I logged in and although I was really tempted to finish up all of the quests I had on Corellia, especially the museum (what a great city it must have been before it was ravaged by this war), I opted to finish up my class quests first. I won’t spoil any of it, I’ll just say that the entire Agent storyline is an emotional roller coaster ride. I highly recommend playing through it once. ANywho … I finished that up and headed back to Corellia but just as I was exiting my ship, Moog invited me to come along on the Belsavis dailies with him and he’d show me what to do. So we did a few and then I couldn’t get the rest without doing the introductory bonus series, and he had to afk anyway, so I wandered off on my own. O.M.G. I mean, I complained about Belsavis being huge when I was leveling … even for dailies it’s gigantic. I managed to complete all of the non-group dailies up north on my own, albeit not without some swearing because of competition for mobs and stuff spawning on top of my head due to the number of people out there killing stuff. Not a fan. But I got them done, then headed back south to clean up the one last quest, and …

I trained and headed for the Fleet. By this time, some others were online, and we were just waiting on one more so that we could hit some FPs without pugging that fourth spot. I spent some time flipping through my companions, equipping the level 50 greens I’d been collecting on Corellia, until Slice logged in. So, with Zug tanking and Slice and Sorak dpsing (in his heal spec … so fayle), we headed out to break me in on hard mode flashpoints. Here’s some trash killing action …

I even did my best to speed-read and space-bar through stuff. It was still too fast for me to get complete stories, but I got enough to kind of have an idea why we were in these places. Some even held great surprises. Can you imagine my shock when the final boss of The Foundry was revealed? I mean, I’ve been learning about him (and following his path on my warrior) since Dromund Kaas! I was actually saddened that we were going to have to kill him.

Zug’s performance on his sexy assassin tank inspired me to spend a little bit of time on mine as well. I’ve given up on the final class quest on Balmorra and headed out to Nar Shaddaa to work on things there. I can finish Balmorra afterwards, once I outlevel that stupid Colicoid and her adds enough to trounce her. Roz has hit Dark II, and the corruption is showing on his face now. I’m not sure I would say it makes him sexier, but I find myself liking it …it definitely makes him look more evil!

Unfortunately, for some reason Van’s light/dark bar was bugged and I wasn’t being awarded any light points for my choices .. so he is stuck 150 points away from Light V.

I spent time on Arelin, too, of course. I just can NOT stay away from the warrior. Every ability that is added, just makes him even more fun. Remember how I had to have Cayle come and kill the final boss at the end of Chapter 1 for Van? Arelin had no issues whatsoever. I know, I know … different boss, the warrior one is supposedly easier, etc etc … but still. Even non-class quests … especially ones where it goes directly from a cut scene into 4 or 5 mobs wanting to beat your face in, the kind of fights where Van would kill one or two then die and kill the others after rezzing … for Arelin, those simply result in a pile of bodies at the feet of my Sith while he looks around for more to kill.

Again, super big thanks to Slice, Sorak, and Zug for dragging my noob ass through FOUR whole FPs. You guys rock.