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Sweet, Sweet Dust

August 25, 2017

Just got this email:


Patch 8.4 for Hearthstone introduced new infrastructure to prepare for the recently announced improvements to card drop rates. As a side effect of this change, a small number of players who opened packs after the patch launched received one fewer Legendary or Epic card than they would have otherwise. We have identified you as one of those players, and we’ve given you 2000 Arcane Dust to use however you want!

Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you at the Inn!

Hearthstone Team

Yeah baby! Now, what to craft …

I’d already crafted The Lich King because, duh, have to have it. I also have 3 of the DK heroes, one from the prologue reward and two from packs … shaman, warlock, and druid. I’ve had fun so far with shaman and warlock. Druid, yes, I know, it’s the strongest class right now, if you have the cards. I don’t have any Ultimate Infestation. I don’t have Aya Blackpaw or Fandral to make Jade great. I’m just kinda ‘meh’ with the druid, and don’t like it enough to spend dust on the cards I’d need for it.

As for the other DKs …

Mage, I dunno, I don’t have Antonidas or the quest so I’m not playing any of that.

Priest, yeah, you really need Raza to make it work. And I don’t have Kazakus to make a Highlander version.

Rogue … not really my class. I’m missing some staples for any of the good decks, like Edwin or Shaku. There ARE good decks, right? It’s not just an arena class? My miracle deck could benefit from an Edwin I suppose.

Paladin, no point when I don’t have Beardo to power the Exodia win condition. I also don’t have Tarym which is in every deck ever now.

Warrior, I have my quest warrior, I love it, I don’t really want to play whirlwind stuff; it’s never been my style, even when every warrior I faced featured “Everyone, get in here!”

Which leaves us with hunter. I’ve watched several of my favorite streamers create armies of zombeasts. It may not be on top, but it sure as heck looks like fun. I want it.

Now, notice, I did mention quite a few others from previous sets that I could make. In fact, there are plenty of others that weren’t mentioned, like Deathwing, or the currently very popular Black Knight. There are plenty of uses for Deathwing, and right now at this point in the meta, The Black Knight can be slotted into just about any deck. But for how long? And honestly, there are substitutes for it. Spellbreaker anyone? A simple silence removes the taunt and any buffs, deathrattles, etc. Sure, TBK removes the body as well, and if I had him I’d use him, but I’m not sure it’s worth the cost to craft him, especially when his longevity in the meta is uncertain. After all, I’m not swimming in dust here, I’m talking about enough to craft a single legendary.

Of course, each class got its own regular legendary too besides the DK heroes. Moorabi? No. Lana’thel? I don’t like discard THAT much. Hadronox? meh. Archbishop Benedictus. haha. Lillian Voss could be fun. Bolvar, Fireblood. eh. Rotface. Ok. I admit. I’d make a whirlwind warrior if I had Rotface. Putricide. He also looks like fun. What’s the mage card? Oh yeah, Sindragosa. Sexy. But … far down the list if I’m looking to craft something for a mage deck considering I don’t have Antonidas or Kazakus.

I could just craft epics instead. I still don’t have a single Doomsayer. Or Ultimate Infestation. I only have one Primordial Glyph. I don’t have any Obsidian Statues.

Sometimes, though, you just have to go with what is going to be the most fun. So … Hello Zombeasts.

Hello 2017

January 17, 2017

Yeah I know, we’re already 17 days into the new year and here I am *finally* posting. But I figured I should at least toss up an update on how things are going.

Oranis got a legendary in one of his emissary bags finally, Marquee Bindings of the Sun King. These give a chance for your next non-instant pyroblast to deal 300% more damage after consuming hot streak. Normally I NEVER hard cast pyro, using it only with hot streak. But this certainly makes it worth it, even with only a 15% chance. I still won’t usually cast it mid-fight when I’m running solo, preferring to use it to pull the next mob. Coupled with my favourite trinket, the Devilsaur Shock-Baton which slows the enemy when it procs, most things burn to ash without even reaching me.

Junahu finished her hunter campaign so I am essentially done with her. Kerick and Hunahuna, who reached 110 over the weekend, are both working on their campaigns and did the World Quest event over the weekend to get the bonus rep and the 5k resources. I suppose I should get back to work on leveling someone else to follow them. I think Kroy and Sanbec are probably the furthest along.

I posted awhile back that I was having problems deciding what to craft next. I finally decided on Tirion even though I’m not really playing paladin right now. Anyone who has been around this blog for any length of time will not be surprised, though, as I am a longtime Tirion fangirl. It just seemed wrong to not have him in HS, especially since they killed him off in WoW. 😦

Summoners War
Who … what? This isn’t a Blizzard game! Heck, it’s not even a PC game. You’ll just have to bear with me because BigBearButt posted about this game a couple of times and got me hooked. No I mean really hooked. Like, I’m looking stuff up and making spreadsheets hooked. Yeah. So, probably none of you will know what I’m talking about but that’s ok.

My Dagora is 5* and over 23k hp so he’s able to solo Tamor 3 Hell to level up my other mons. I also have Belladeon and Konamiya 5*. I don’t know who to 5 next .. I have Ahman, Chasun, Shannon, Bernard as likely candidates .. Darion is still 3* but I could easily evolve and level him by the time I have the mats to do a 5. I have some other good 4s that I definitely want to evolve at some point, too, but I’m not sure they should be next .. Mikene, Platy, Shimitae. Honestly though it’s probably between Bernard and Chasun. From what I’ve read, I’ll need Bernard and Shannon for my giants 10 team for sure. Then again, I’ll need Mikene to fuse Veromos, so … yeah. Either way, whatever I do will be for building my GB10 team. I probably should have done Shannon instead of Konamiya but his cleanse is so useful everywhere …

Last Post of the Year

December 14, 2016

Vacation starts next week, so I won’t even be playing, let alone posting. I know I’ve been slow on the posting this year, but I just … haven’t felt it. I’ve been playing though.

Oranis has gotten to revered with everyone except the Wardens. He’s about halfway there on them so I’ll be prioritizing their world quests. He’s also got the ability to automatically complete one world quest per day, so he’s working on the PvP World Quest achievement to get a horse. I’ve *always* wanted one of the PvP horses, but the requirements to get the vicious saddle, which require a large number of arenas or rated battlegrounds, are not worth it to me. So this is the way to get one … and of course, now I go look it up on Icy Veins and realize the ALLIANCE version is the horse, and the Horde is the wolf. Well, I’m still doing it. If I have to do it on Alliance too in order to get the horse, then I’ll just have to do it on Alliance too I guess. The kind I *really* want is the new Midnight in the new Kara … which is not going to happen until I can queue for it as a heroic. I should also probably get the old Midnight one of these days too, especially now that there’s a portal directly to Kara’s front door. I shouldn’t be putting it off.

As for Hearthstone, I like the new Jade mechanic quite a lot. I’m not that big on Reno decks so I haven’t really played the mage or warlock much. I need one more draconid operative and a potion before the priest deck is really ready to go. Aggressive decks like the pirates just annoy me, and I don’t have the cards yet to make the buff paladin or hunter decks really work. So I’ve stuck with the jades for now. I do have enough dust to craft a leg, but I am completely undecided. Here are my best options:

Malygos or Alex old school dragons that I still don’t have and could be used in a few decks. Alex right after the opponent heals up from Reno? always nice
Harrison Jones I’ve held off on him because I can always drop in an ooze. Probably worth it if I wanted extra weapon removal in a Reno deck, but otherwise .. meh
Aya Blackpaw Well I did say I like jades … but she can also be discovered through several means; Lotus Agents, Journey Below, even Raven Idol if you’re desperate and lucky.

any of several old school class legendaries that are staples. For instance, Tirion Fordring, Edwin VanCleef, Grommash Hellscream, Archmage Antonidas the downside is, they can only be used by one class. Would I love to have Tirion? Yeah! But my dust only goes so far so I can probably get more value out of something else that I will use more often.

I’m definitely leaning toward filling out my classic set because those will always be available to use in Standard. And now that I look at a card list, there are quite a few non-class legendaries that would be good to have, too. Baron Gedden, Leeroy Jenkins, Cairne Bloodhoof

That is a lot of possibilities. If I had N’Zoth, Cairne would be the obvious choice. Even without it, he’s a pretty good choice. He’s 4 attack so priests can’t straight up kill him, and a dragonfire potion still leaves Baine on the board. Hmm … I think I’m leaning that way.

Hearthstone: Praise Yogg

September 15, 2016

I wasn’t a fan of the tavern brawl where you just picked two cards and got a deck full of them, so I was expecting this Top Three to be just as annoying. Last time people ran druid with innervate and Yogg and, well, I didn’t have Yogg so I couldn’t join in the fun and had to go with mechwarpers, which worked very well and quickly but wasn’t as much fun. So this time … owait, I still don’t have Yogg. Ok, but I can still have fun with druid, let’s go innervate, Prince Malchezaar, and, I dunno, let’s toss in Kel’Thuzad cuz I love me some KT.

My first match was another druid doing the Naturalize + murloc mill deck thing. That doesn’t work too well when my deck is double sized because my 10 Prince Malcheeze added all those legendary cards to it. The only problem with the deck is that, even if I innervate out a Prince on turn 1, it’s still too slow to keep up with the fast decks. I ran into a lock running mechwarper + annoy-o-tron + fel cannon and another lock running 1 drops and power overwhelming and just got swarmed. Maybe if I put swipe in that third slot for some AoE …

Oh well. I got my pack, and it had a legendary … too bad I already had Onyxia. She was actually the very first one I ever got. But the dust brought me up to enough to craft a new legendary and … well, I know it would be best to craft something from the classic set that will always be usable in standard, but I see all the fun people are having with Yogg, and the last two cards I crafted were classics, so I decided Ysera would have to wait. I need a Yogg. So I made one. I’ll at least get to have fun with him for a few months before the set is rotated out, right?