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Alt Week: Druid

August 30, 2013

Yeahhhhhhh …this is one of the few classes I have never gotten to max level. Which is strange, really. I love the shapeshifting, I love the ability to play any role … I really need to get on this and finish one. I have two, which is no surprise since I’ve played many hours on both factions and have to have one of each class on each side.


Oh the Horde side we have Arenna at level 29.

Um .. if you click that armory link you will see that she is half naked. Adryen sort of stole her heirlooms. She mostly lounges around, going to DMF once a month, although she did quest through Hillsbrad when I got the urge to see the zone. I may send her to the Cape of Stranglethorn one of these days since I haven’t done that zone yet. Picking flowers though is really her thing.


On the Alliance side we have Kaladis at level 41.

Ugh .. that’s a really old shot. I should have logged in and taken a new one. She’s actually a very lovely Worgen lady, which you can see on her armory page. She went feral once Arv abandoned our leveling project. She spent a good 20 levels following his various lowbie alts around dungeons, while I tried to wrap my head around the whole healing with HoTs thing. She spends most of her time now standing around Stormwind, admiring her stag form. I don’t even take her to the Faire. Poor girl.

I’m going to level one or both of them someday. Honest!

Screenshot Tuesday: Grom Jr.

March 6, 2012

Grom made this sexy belf last week and got him up to 15 so we could run some dungeons. So Sunday he was on and I blew the dust off Arenna, asked a buddy to help me L2cat, and queued us up. We did RFC and the healer dropped as soon as Taragaman did, so we weren’t able to complete all of the quests there. Everyone else wanted to requeue, so we did and got Deadmines. I groaned, but it actually went very well. The polearm dropped for me and I outrolled the hunter, but then the axe dropped later for them, so we were both happy.

There’s just something awesome about a cat clawing down mobs with a balloon tied to her paw.

Grom has even better screenshots here.

Kitty Balloon

July 8, 2011

I squee’d a little when I saw that Arenna carries her balloon around tied to her wristband in cat form.  Zari happened to be listening and requested a screenshot. So here ya go!



Naked Cow Pole Dance

June 28, 2011

If you’ve been around this blog for any amount of time at all, you know what kind of trouble Trout and I can get into when we manage to find time to hang out. So last night when he visited his tauren priest on Drak, obviously I had to log into my little cow druid.

I picked up the daily fishing quest in TB and flew over to Bloodhoof to fish in Stonebull Lake. I manage about 3 casts before this comes across guild chat:

“Arenna come pole dance with me!”

This is SR. You don’t need me to tell you what kind of comments that produced in response. Does that deter Mr. PG-13 Trout? Heck no, he can play along just as well as any of us.*

*clicky the pic to read guild chat