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Sweet, Sweet Dust

August 25, 2017

Just got this email:


Patch 8.4 for Hearthstone introduced new infrastructure to prepare for the recently announced improvements to card drop rates. As a side effect of this change, a small number of players who opened packs after the patch launched received one fewer Legendary or Epic card than they would have otherwise. We have identified you as one of those players, and we’ve given you 2000 Arcane Dust to use however you want!

Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you at the Inn!

Hearthstone Team

Yeah baby! Now, what to craft …

I’d already crafted The Lich King because, duh, have to have it. I also have 3 of the DK heroes, one from the prologue reward and two from packs … shaman, warlock, and druid. I’ve had fun so far with shaman and warlock. Druid, yes, I know, it’s the strongest class right now, if you have the cards. I don’t have any Ultimate Infestation. I don’t have Aya Blackpaw or Fandral to make Jade great. I’m just kinda ‘meh’ with the druid, and don’t like it enough to spend dust on the cards I’d need for it.

As for the other DKs …

Mage, I dunno, I don’t have Antonidas or the quest so I’m not playing any of that.

Priest, yeah, you really need Raza to make it work. And I don’t have Kazakus to make a Highlander version.

Rogue … not really my class. I’m missing some staples for any of the good decks, like Edwin or Shaku. There ARE good decks, right? It’s not just an arena class? My miracle deck could benefit from an Edwin I suppose.

Paladin, no point when I don’t have Beardo to power the Exodia win condition. I also don’t have Tarym which is in every deck ever now.

Warrior, I have my quest warrior, I love it, I don’t really want to play whirlwind stuff; it’s never been my style, even when every warrior I faced featured “Everyone, get in here!”

Which leaves us with hunter. I’ve watched several of my favorite streamers create armies of zombeasts. It may not be on top, but it sure as heck looks like fun. I want it.

Now, notice, I did mention quite a few others from previous sets that I could make. In fact, there are plenty of others that weren’t mentioned, like Deathwing, or the currently very popular Black Knight. There are plenty of uses for Deathwing, and right now at this point in the meta, The Black Knight can be slotted into just about any deck. But for how long? And honestly, there are substitutes for it. Spellbreaker anyone? A simple silence removes the taunt and any buffs, deathrattles, etc. Sure, TBK removes the body as well, and if I had him I’d use him, but I’m not sure it’s worth the cost to craft him, especially when his longevity in the meta is uncertain. After all, I’m not swimming in dust here, I’m talking about enough to craft a single legendary.

Of course, each class got its own regular legendary too besides the DK heroes. Moorabi? No. Lana’thel? I don’t like discard THAT much. Hadronox? meh. Archbishop Benedictus. haha. Lillian Voss could be fun. Bolvar, Fireblood. eh. Rotface. Ok. I admit. I’d make a whirlwind warrior if I had Rotface. Putricide. He also looks like fun. What’s the mage card? Oh yeah, Sindragosa. Sexy. But … far down the list if I’m looking to craft something for a mage deck considering I don’t have Antonidas or Kazakus.

I could just craft epics instead. I still don’t have a single Doomsayer. Or Ultimate Infestation. I only have one Primordial Glyph. I don’t have any Obsidian Statues.

Sometimes, though, you just have to go with what is going to be the most fun. So … Hello Zombeasts.

Trial of Style

August 22, 2017

Despite my interest in transmog, I wasn’t too excited about the Trial of Style. None of the mog prizes were that exciting to me. The only one I really wanted was the mail set. I would have totally forgotten about the event altogether until I saw someone on my friends list queue for it. So I figured, ok, I’ll go get that set and be done.




I queued up my hunter first since that was the set I wanted. She went in blind with no idea what she was in for. I didn’t do so well but at least now I understood how it worked. And it was FUN! It took a few rounds to get the tokens I needed and then I put her away.


Next day I thought You know, that was pretty fun. I should take my main mage and make him some theme sets ahead of time and see how he does.  So I made him a few sets of the themes that I had seen already and queued him up. Naturally, the first theme was one I hadn’t seen before so I had to create something on the fly. Being a belf, he has an extensive wardrobe, so it was pretty easy to come up with an Epic Purples outfit. And he won! First try. Go figure.

So then I thought, well, I might as well get the plate, too. So I made some outfits for Kerick. Faction Pride came up, and I had the Stormwind Guard transmog from the Draenor garrison thing already saved up and ready to load. Yeah, it’s a set, not a unique mog. I figured that was a mark against it, but apparently it didn’t matter. It won.

Then there was the rogue. I have an extremely limited leather wardrobe, so I wasn’t sure how that would go.  But his Primal Style outfit won. It seems like tying together a look ahead of time does make a difference.  As you can see in the shot which has the top three all on the podium, the other two had the right idea. But their outfits were just a little too thrown together and mishmash to stand up to the cohesive design. Could I have thrown this together in 2 minutes and had it look like this? Probably not. Planning ahead does pay off.

And here is a better shot of him by himself.

I really hope they do this again, preferably not just once a year. It would be nice if they added some new prizes. I think people really enjoyed this. I know I did!

Blog Challenge #24: Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay?

August 14, 2017

I haven’t posted in awhile (again) but Z & Cinder have gotten me with their latest topic, Class Fantasy, Yay or Nay?

My answer is going to differ depending on the class, because some they got right and some are rather lacking.

The Good

Outlaw Rogue. Yes please. I love the toe-to-toe, pistol packing highwayman/swashbuckler image and the spec nails it. Plus it’s fun to play. The class hall is fitting, although it’s a pain sometimes to get to lately if you use the shop next to the fishing trainer. I haven’t really played the other specs yet but they seem to fit.

Balance Druid. The class hall, the Emerald Dreamway, heck, all of Val’sharah, just SCREAMS druid. I mean, seriously, I even have my own little patch to plant things and hope for my very own tiny Broot, and I get to run around with Mylune and have little critters randomly follow me around and I’m wielding THE SCYTHE OF ELUNE … honestly the only bad thing I can say is what the heck is that class mount? Or rather, why is it SO BIG? I will get it eventually but I won’t use it. I’m already a big fat Tauren, I *like* being a regular sized bird in flight so I can actually see around myself, ya know?

Paladin. Leaning toward The Meh category because, well, it’s been my main for the last two expansions and isn’t now, but .. well, that started in the middle of WoD so I can’t totally blame Legion or the class fantasy of it. I love the class hall, all of my favorite paladins are there … well, all except for my beloved Tirion. I think part of the reason I have been dragging my heels on finishing the DK is because I’ve heard parts of what’s going to happen in the story and I just. don’t. want. I mean, even looking at Ashbringer on my back … it’s probably the reason paladin isn’t my main. So I guess I CAN blame Legion. I know it sounds dumb, but Tirion was my in-game hero and knowing that I’m taking his place just doesn’t sit well with me. Does it make sense for the class fantasy and the story? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I like the class mount though. I need to keep collecting AP to get all of the colours.

The Meh

Mage. Yeah the class hall is ok but, I don’t know … I love burning things, fire mage is my main this xpac after all, but the class fantasy doesn’t excite me much.

Warlock. Same as mage really, it’s all very warlocky and the spec differences are appropriate enough, but the only thing I’m excited about is the class mount. I need to keep working on that because I want it.

The Eh What?

Warrior. The specs make sense. But the whole Odyn and the Vrykuls thing. I just don’t get it. My human warrior is having a hard time identifying with them. And don’t EVEN get me started on how my Forsaken feels about them. He’d just as soon shove them into an alcove in the Undercity as have to visit that bright, golden eyesore in the sky. Nope.

Hunter. I like BM. I like Hati and having dire beasts and all that. But … I think it’s a personal thing, because my hunter, she isn’t … well, she’s less Nesingwary and more Rexxar. To her, being a hunter is about her partnership and friendship with her pets. It’s not about stalking prey, or trophies, it’s not even about fighting. I sometimes wonder why she chose the path of the hunter at all instead of that of the druid. So the class hall doesn’t really do much for her. And she hates guns. Why in the world is the BM weapon a gun? I don’t get it.

That covers the 7 classes I have leveled.