Back From a Month Off

So this weekend was my first time to really sit down and play since May. I had a lot to catch up on.

I did the Deadmines pet dungeon. On the one hand, I’m glad you buy the pets with tokens because I know exactly how many weeks it will take to get them. On the other hand … it will take that many weeks to get them. But maybe the bottle cap in my bag will serve as a reminder to do it. I haven’t been back to Wailing Caverns since the first week it opened because I keep forgetting about it.

Oranis got his class mount. I guess I’m basically done with him, other than doing Tomb LFR and getting his fishing artifact and maybe some more archaeology and .. ok I guess I’m not really done with him. Just done with … oh. Right. There’s still another zone and crap on the PTR isn’t there. Well, he’s not priority right now anyway, I need to get these other characters caught up. Kerick finished the stupid sentinax quest, thanks to the wonderful Poppycat who brought beacons to spawn portals.

Oh and there’s one more thing that Oranis is working on. I thought this would be a big pain in the rear, but I must admit … I can’t WAIT to get home today and get back to work on the Chromie scenario. I’m not reading guides or trying to be super, I’m just enjoying killing stuff and watching the rep bar move. The only reward I’m truly interested in (besides pet drops of course) is the Timelord title. And I don’t have to be good to get that, just persistent.

3 Responses to “Back From a Month Off”

  1. Alunaria Says:

    Welcome back 😉 I still havent managed the Wailing Caverns last boss yet…How many weeks will it take to get those pets from Deadmines..?

    Congrats on the mount! Are we ever truely done with a character… 😉

    I got hooked on Chromie too…Quite nice the Timelord titel is just rewarded from being persistent for you, since it’s all you want! That one dragon is rather cute too, though…Have fun 🙂

  2. repgrind Says:

    There are three pets and they cost 3, 2 and 1 tokens, so 6 weeks. Which means it will take me 6 months by the time I remember to do it enough times. lol

  3. Alunaria Says:

    O.o wow, 6 months?! Ok then! Thank you for clarifying…(Arg :p ) So 12 months for me then? Good then, thanks again! 😀

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