Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Changing Mains

Z and Cinder do a weekly blog challenge topic that they post about and encourage others to join in and do the same. They link all posts for each topic on their shared blog. This week’s topic is one that I can definitely weigh in on so here we go!

If I couldn’t play my main anymore, what would I be? Well, I already changed mains once going into Legion. Despite my love for my paladins and the knowledge that I would be wielding Ashbringer, I just .. couldn’t make peace with the ret playstyle. (We won’t even bother talking about healing, I quit that completely once I quit raiding .. pug healing stresses me too much.) So during the pre-launch invasion events I took out all of the classes for test drives and settled on what I felt was the most fun. Thus I have been a fire mage since Legion’s launch. I had mained mage in the past, although not with this particular character … but it would have felt wrong for my fire mage to be anything other than blood elf. It just feels *right* what with the weapon being Kael’thas’ Felo’melorn.

But let’s say they mean NOW, not six months ago when the expansion launched. What if last week’s patch had changed my current main too much and I didn’t want to play him anymore? Well, strangely enough, since it has never been a class I really cared for, I would probably go with my outlaw rogue. The pistol shot procs and quick combo point buildups are a lot more fun than I had expected, and I am going to thoroughly enjoy finishing the last 5 levels. He’s also a lot more durable than in my prior rogue experiences, partly from class changes over the years and partly just from playing him and becoming more familiar with his abilities. I’ll never be a pvp phenom or anything like that, but even in PvE I’ve found plenty of uses for the utility abilities like stealth and sap and, of course, vanish. Plus, there are some really nice leather transmogs. What? That’s an important consideration ya know! 😉


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3 Responses to “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge – Changing Mains”

  1. CheapBossAttack Says:

    I’ve played a Demonology Warlock with a Moonkin alt since vanilla WoW, but wanted a change in Legion. I also opted for Fire Mage after taking all of the different classes around for test drives during the Invasion. Fishing for procs and milking them extensively with Flame On is just a lot of fun. If I had to change mains again, I’d probably go with my Outlaw Rogue… though Roll the Bones’ randomness leaves a lot to be desired, and I do tend to die a lot as melee since I’m so used to viewing fights from afar. I may have even gone back to my Warlock.

  2. Cinder Says:

    I agree – the transmog situation is a big factor in choosing a new main! 😀
    I’m sorry that paladins didn’t work out for you to go into Legion with, and I hope the fire mage is hitting the spot for you now.
    Thanks so much for doing the topic, too! It’s so nice having new people get involved with it.

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