Last Post of the Year

Vacation starts next week, so I won’t even be playing, let alone posting. I know I’ve been slow on the posting this year, but I just … haven’t felt it. I’ve been playing though.

Oranis has gotten to revered with everyone except the Wardens. He’s about halfway there on them so I’ll be prioritizing their world quests. He’s also got the ability to automatically complete one world quest per day, so he’s working on the PvP World Quest achievement to get a horse. I’ve *always* wanted one of the PvP horses, but the requirements to get the vicious saddle, which require a large number of arenas or rated battlegrounds, are not worth it to me. So this is the way to get one … and of course, now I go look it up on Icy Veins and realize the ALLIANCE version is the horse, and the Horde is the wolf. Well, I’m still doing it. If I have to do it on Alliance too in order to get the horse, then I’ll just have to do it on Alliance too I guess. The kind I *really* want is the new Midnight in the new Kara … which is not going to happen until I can queue for it as a heroic. I should also probably get the old Midnight one of these days too, especially now that there’s a portal directly to Kara’s front door. I shouldn’t be putting it off.

As for Hearthstone, I like the new Jade mechanic quite a lot. I’m not that big on Reno decks so I haven’t really played the mage or warlock much. I need one more draconid operative and a potion before the priest deck is really ready to go. Aggressive decks like the pirates just annoy me, and I don’t have the cards yet to make the buff paladin or hunter decks really work. So I’ve stuck with the jades for now. I do have enough dust to craft a leg, but I am completely undecided. Here are my best options:

Malygos or Alex old school dragons that I still don’t have and could be used in a few decks. Alex right after the opponent heals up from Reno? always nice
Harrison Jones I’ve held off on him because I can always drop in an ooze. Probably worth it if I wanted extra weapon removal in a Reno deck, but otherwise .. meh
Aya Blackpaw Well I did say I like jades … but she can also be discovered through several means; Lotus Agents, Journey Below, even Raven Idol if you’re desperate and lucky.

any of several old school class legendaries that are staples. For instance, Tirion Fordring, Edwin VanCleef, Grommash Hellscream, Archmage Antonidas the downside is, they can only be used by one class. Would I love to have Tirion? Yeah! But my dust only goes so far so I can probably get more value out of something else that I will use more often.

I’m definitely leaning toward filling out my classic set because those will always be available to use in Standard. And now that I look at a card list, there are quite a few non-class legendaries that would be good to have, too. Baron Gedden, Leeroy Jenkins, Cairne Bloodhoof

That is a lot of possibilities. If I had N’Zoth, Cairne would be the obvious choice. Even without it, he’s a pretty good choice. He’s 4 attack so priests can’t straight up kill him, and a dragonfire potion still leaves Baine on the board. Hmm … I think I’m leaning that way.


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3 Responses to “Last Post of the Year”

  1. Cain Says:

    Those are all tough decisions on which hearthstone card to craft. All that you posted except Aya are classic cards and you could get them in packs from brawls. On the other side they are classic and will always have some use. Aya is super useful in jade decks right now, but will have one of the shortest life spans because this expac was put out in december. There are points to be made for each of them. I think it depends most on what type of decks you like to play.

    Malygos or Alex – both really only seen in burst decks at this point
    Harrison Jones – only seen in true control decks and only when the meta is weapon heavy
    Aya Blackpaw – only Jade but provides a big swing
    Tirion Fordring – most paly decks play him
    Edwin VanCleef – makes for some epic turns but not seen in a lot of rogue decks
    Grommash Hellscream – prior to pirate was seen in most warrior decks no matter type
    Archmage Antonidas – one of the “funnest” win condition cards but not seen in a majority of mage decks
    Baron Gedden – seen in a lot of control decks whenever meta is aggro heavy
    Leeroy Jenkins – seen in a lot of aggro and otk decks
    Cairne Bloodhoof – mostly seen in n’zoth currently

    Personally I liked the class legendaries that were used heavily in that class because I felt like it unlocked a class to actually be played. I wish there was a way you could try cards from a friend or even try their whole collection without needing to really trust that they wouldn’t accidentally dust your collection.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Thanks Cain! I didn’t even list some ‘fun’ ones that I would love to play around with but will be rotating out soon, like Confessor Paletress and Nexus-Champion Saraad. Given that I’m pretty casual and linger in the 18-20 range on ladder, I tend to play what’s fun more often than what’s good in the meta. 🙂

  3. Cain Says:

    Personally I find maly and Antonidas the most fun out of those. Make for some epic wins.

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