Mythic This

I’m back! Yay! Let’s jump back into things.

Oh look. A new quest in my class hall! Meet Khadgar or Kalecgos or one of those K dudes at Azurewing Repose. Cool. *fly out there, talk to Senecgos, get another quest for Eye of Azshara because clearly I have not been there enough times yet* Wait, what’s this? Must be completed on Mythic difficulty. Uh … nope.

That’s ok, I still have this other quest to collect things from three dungeons that I can do on heroic and this week is the Legion Dungeon event so I’ll get those knocked out at least. Wait, what? The weekly is ALSO mythic dungeons only? Seriously. Come on Blizz. Ok, you know what? I have a perfect answer to this.

*goes to level alts instead*

Granted, whatever it is, I’ve already completed the class campaign, so it’s not THAT important. I can do pretty much everything I *want* to do without ever setting foot in a mythic dungeon. I’m pretty content working on Suramar, doing world quests, and leveling my alts. And hey, Karazhan is … oh. It’s Mythic too.

june28 rage face

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7 Responses to “Mythic This”

  1. Marathal Says:

    This may work for me in a sense. I have 3 Class Hall quests, all Mythic of course. And one for those laz about Wardens wanting me to run an errand in their vaults. Why they can’t go rummage around their own stuff I don’t know. But since everyone will be doing them, I can hopefully get carried, I mean tag along. If not? Well I see lots of world quests paying out gold.

  2. Zeirah Says:

    Hey Rep, while I don’t personally mind mythics I am surprised so much was locked behind that level of difficulty.
    I’m always running them though so if you would like, I’m more than happy to group up go with you. I’m pretty sure we have mutual bnet friends so if you would like to, let me know and we can add each other.

  3. repgrind Says:

    Thanks, I just may take you up on that offer sometime. And maybe they’re not as scary as they sound, either. It’s just so confusing and complicated having so many different levels of everything. My ID is repgrind#1492, but most of the time I tend to not talk to people unless they talk to me first.

  4. Marathal Says:

    Certain ones can be very difficult. I’ve done only a few. Eye of Azshara can be very painful. But that’s just my experience. A good group makes all the difference.

  5. Marathal Says:

    Sorry. The hope to get carried was sarcasm. I will put off doing them if I cannot be worth taking along.

  6. repgrind Says:

    Oh, I didn’t think anything of it. I speak sarcasm fluently so I read it as such. 😉

  7. gnomecore Says:

    I would most likely pass the Mythics too for scheduling reasons. It’s a shame that content is hidden behind them, I would like at least a glance.

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