Nice People Still Exist in WoW

Ok, now that I’ve had a week to mess with them, it’s official. I love world quests. Even after finishing 20 for the weekly event, I was still doing them. Not constantly. I did some regular questing as well, and spent some time on a couple of alts, too. But whenever I’m on, I check the map. Things come and go all the time. Once when I was in my order hall I noticed that Light’s Heart had a new quest for me. I look on the map to see where it’s sending me in Val’sharah and oh, lookie there! There’s a fishing world quest right next to it that wasn’t there an hour before. And some other world quest that I didn’t care about but it was on the way and I’d have to pass through it to get where I’m going so what the heck, I’ll kill a few sprites, club a few seal droods, and get free AP.

Some of them are tougher and have elites or bosses. Those I can’t solo. But oftentimes there are other people already there and you just tag and help out. One of those last night was at this little island clear up in the northeast corner of Stormheim, Shield’s Rest. You had to kill 15 elite kvaldir. Now, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. But I needed the flight path, plus the reward was an ilevel 830 fire relic that boosts my pyroblast damage. NEED. THAT. So I figured I’d ride out there anyway, maybe I’d get lucky eh? Well, I was almost to the FP when I spotted a guardian druid attacking a kvaldir. I stopped and helped. One down, 14 to go! He didn’t say anything so I followed him to the next one and helped kill it. After about the fourth one, I made him some conjured food and offered it to him. After the 10th, I asked how many more he needed. Five. Cool, me too! We finished the quest and he thanked me for helping. I was like, no, thank YOU for allowing me to help. He could have done the quest on his own…I couldn’t have done it without him. Sadly, I don’t remember his name, although I would recognize it if I saw him again, which is likely since he was from my server. So kudos to you, my Tauren bear friend. I hope everyone you tank for treats you as well as you treated me.

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2 Responses to “Nice People Still Exist in WoW”

  1. Marathal Says:

    My wife and I do our World quests together. Having a questing buddy is a huge help. I have no aspirations of completing anything in a hurry, so when it comes to taking side trips because herbs pop up on her map, and she needs help killing the thing on top of it, it makes playing much more enjoyable. When we see Blue quests on the map we always head out, and mostly hope that there is someone else already there. Anything with under 7 million health we can usually handle, but not easily, those big ones though….WOW. You really need a tank. But One thing I have seen. Is it does not really matter much to folks whether they are Alliance or Horde, we all just want to kill the quest bad guy, and having extra help is never a bad thing.

  2. Zeirah Says:

    It’s awesome when you come across nice people!

    Normally I quest with one of my guildies but I was doing a wq out in Stormheim the other day by myself, pretty sure it was also killing Kvaldir – it was down near the water anyway – and I was pulling one at time, becasue my feral kity isn’t that great at surving when she’s got a ton of mobs on her, when a resto druid ran past with a ton of mobs on him so I swiped at them and he stopped and started healing me up while I killed the mobs. It was awesome for both of us so we ran around together too until it was done.

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