Four More Weapons

Moving on to the next four weapons that I collected over the weekend.

Fist of Ra-den

I’m sure I’m not the only who, when leveling through Pandaria, would have liked to give Li Li and Chen a lava burst to the face. Well, here’s your chance! Going back to the Temple of the White Tiger was appropriately silly and fun. While a great number of the other quests were very dark, this one is maybe a little too lighthearted, but hey, that’s the Pandaren for you.


The Warbreaker

Um … hey … wow. Whatever they did to arms, I’m liking it. Maybe even better than fury right now. And now I get why warriors are dropping out of the sky on Krasus’ Landing!


Blade of the Black Empire

Meh. Shadow hasn’t really changed that much but I’m not really feeling it. And I don’t care that much what the weapon is because it all looks the same in shadowform anyway.


The Dreadblades

Wow, my steath-fu without the extra stealthiness of subtlety is weak. The quest was full of piratey goodness though.


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2 Responses to “Four More Weapons”

  1. Zeirah Says:

    WowI am so impressed with how many weapons you’ve got so far!

    I’ve unlocked 3/4 on my druid with Guardian the last to go. The blood DK one and the MM Hunter. It’s sort of overwhelming when I think of every spec for all 12 classes. But I do really want to do that all before this expac end.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Yeah but the tradeoff is, I have two characters at level 101 and the rest are still 100. You’ve reached 110 and done all kinds of things that I havent gotten to yet! But we’re only what, two weeks into the expansion? There’s plenty of time to see and do everything. 😀

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