Invasion Update

So, woowhee, that invasion xp. At this point I have all 12 classes leveled. I am finishing off a mage, shaman, and priest that are all 98 or 99 which will give me all 12 classes done Horde side, and 7 of them on Alliance. After that .. well, I can work on the other 5 classes on Alliance and see how far I get, but none of them are higher than 60. Horde side I also have another level 89 mage that I could finish so that I have one for each spec. Besides those I have two paladins around 88-89, and another druid at 90. So I might just finish the high level ones, or bounce back and forth. I guess it partly depends on whether there were any changes to the invasions in this morning’s maintenance. I’m leaning towards working on the mage and druid because they can be different specs from the ones that are done, and then working on the Alliance classes…at the very least getting them to 60 for potential future boosts.



2 Responses to “Invasion Update”

  1. wolfgangcat Says:

    You don’t have enough Paladins at 100 😀

  2. repgrind Says:

    I have 2! And I pretty much only play ret now, so they won’t even be different specs. I’m sure Van would like his brothers leveled, but … I think I will run out of time. Their cousin Oranis has priority because I want a mage for each spec, plus it just seems right to have a blood elf fire mage to wield Felo’melorn, ya know? Which means Roz is going to have to go back to arcane, I should do that tonight so he gets used to it.

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