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So Legendary

May 27, 2015

So, I’m playing again. Not that I ever actually stopped but, I mean, I’m back to spending the majority of my playtime in WoW.


So, over the weekend, Sanbec decided it was way past time to finish collecting the 900 elemental thingies for Khadgar. Since he already had well over 800, it seemed likely that he could get it done very soon with just a little bit of luck. He ended his run of The Black Forge with some 893 tokens and, finally, a shiny new axe. Since his followers were on a mission to bring back some more doodads, he just logged and waited for the next day to collect them and do the quests.


After a quick and easy quest to get yet another bauble for Khadger, he released Garona from Gul’dan’s control. Then we went and she helped us stealth through an Iron Horde stronghold and find some plans and do some eavesdropping, and then we got her as a follower.


So yay, that’s done … on one character. Juna has 600 some and Van only has 300 some, so I don’t know if I will ever finish on a second character or not. It seems .. strange, to have my most-progressed toon be one that I have never done formal raiding on. And, well, he’s certainly no flavour of the month, being specced arms all this time.

He did change his offspec to fury last night though. He had to, in order to equip these and get the achievement:


Yeah, no pets, but, on the run in which he hit exalted with the Ashtongue, he also collected the second glaive. How is that for fast??

The Cow Level

May 19, 2015

I still log into WoW almost every day on at least one character. But I’m spending much more time elsewhere.

In D3 I got my seasonal Crusader Caryn to rank 23 so far. But then this anniversary thing happened. There are elite cows that leave behind a portal when they are killed that leads to a place known as Not The Cow Level.


I read on the official forums that they do not spawn in rifts, so I set Caryn aside and picked up my level 63 Barbarian Olenka who I had started back in season 1. I figured I could send her to level on some bounties AND find the cow level at the same time.

Once inside, the place was full of bipedal bovines wielding polearms or halberds. There are tons of treasure chests, a quest/event, and even The Cow Queen.


This cow, however, is NOT the right one. I just thought it was funny so I had to screenshot her.


After Olenka hit 70, I switched over to Debbie the Demon Hunter, who was level 52. She was on the last stage of Act V in the Campaign, so I went ahead and finished that so I could get the achievements for all of the conversations with Halissa and also for finishing Act V with a Demon Hunter. Then she went to bounties, too, and hit 70 last night.

I am not sure what I will do next. Then next character on my list is Vanethos the Crusader. I do not remember where he is in the campaign at the moment, but he needs to finish it for the achievements. I think by the time that is done though, the anniversary will be over, so I may just go back to grinding rifts on Caryn.