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Rank 18

April 28, 2015

Sanbec has 797 elemental doodads now. I’ve all but given up on running anyone else in LFR since he has the most. It’s just too much of the same thing over and over. I have been doing a bit of questing on some leveling characters off and on and that’s about it. It took 30 seconds to find the toy vendor and buy the new Children’s Week toy and I was done with that, too.

Go down a game on the launcher and I am running greater rifts on my seasonal crusader. Here she is last night setting a new personal record, passing Rank 18.


Yes, that is Torment VI, I am not wimping out on some easier difficulty (although I do turn it down when I do normal rifts to get greater keystones. For some reason those are harder than the greater ones!). I should probably roll a socket on my neck so I can put one more legendary gem in. I think that would push me through a couple more ranks. She’s already got more than twice the paragon levels that my regular characters have, so I guess I must like her.

Rift Time

April 21, 2015

Last night my season 3 character hit level 70. This is the first season that I have hit 70 in a reasonable amount of time. My season 1 barbarian didn’t (and still hasn’t) hit 70 at all, stalling out in the high 50s. My season 2 demon hunter hit 70 a week before the season’s end. I think I ran him through a couple of rifts just because, but he didn’t really have an end game. So Caryn the Crusader is the one who is going to get to really see what happens after leveling.

Shortly after I dinged, my friend Samueltempus congratulated me and offered to run me through some T6 rifts to get some gear. He and his raid leader were currently blowing through some before their raid, so I accepted his invitation and joined their party. My apologies for the absence of screenshots, it was all I could do to keep up with them and I was having so much fun I didn’t even think about it. I got sooooooooooooooooooo much stuff. I had to buy a new bank tab and just stuff legendaries in it so I would have bag space for more.

Afterwards, I dug through my bag and bank and determined which things I was going to wear. Some I sharded, some I tucked away in the bank that might be good if I changed my build later. I gave some of it to Kormac, of course. Then I changed my game to T1 and tried a normal rift. I rolled right through it, so I will up the level again tonight. Thanks to Sam and friend I will be able to skip a tier or two..or three. Hopefully next time I run with someone, they will remind me to take a dang screenshot.

A Tisket, A Tasket

April 14, 2015

Ten days since last post. I’m slacking! It’s not that I haven’t been playing. Well, ok, it sort of is. I mean, come on, we had the release of the new Hearthstone adventure AND a new season in D3 in the last two weeks.

Speaking of which, obligatory rainbow shot:

Yes, I know it’s dark. Apparently she was there at night? I dunno. Anyhow … I made a Crusader this time. I’m going back and forth each season between melee and ranged. Season 1 was barbarian, 2 was demon hunter, so this one had to be either crusader or monk.

Also, what IS it about this silly game that makes it so addictive? I mean, it’s grinding the same thing over and over. Oh sure, there are several different kinds of bounties, and the maps for the rifts are never the same twice. They add new things every season too, like a new type of bounty and several new kinds of treasure goblins, not to mention the new legendaries. But it’s still the same, and I still keep coming back. There’s just something about the mindless slaying of demons and the piles of loot exploding out of them.

As for WoW, the new pet got me to participate in Noblegarden. At least for a couple of hours. I picked up eggs on Oranis, the only one of my three mages who did not have the Polymorph: Rabbit spell yet. I’m a lazy egg collector; I don’t race around town, I park myself in a spot where I can pick up three different spawn points without ever moving my character. Bloodhoof Village was very busy, so I teleported over to UC and flew to Brill. I actually have always preferred picking them up in Brill anyway. So I got my spot and sat there watching tv and picking up chocolates. It was actually quite relaxing. Then I hopped on over to UC with my flower basket in tow.


You Are What You Eat

April 3, 2015

I guess Oregorger has had too much, eh?


That one was a fun LFR. We had a nice group, with an awesome bear tank and a ret paladin pulling 40k, and each time a wing ended and the new one popped, there they were along with several others from the group, so I kept going instead of dropping after one wing like I often do. They didn’t seem to be queued together, they were all from different realms, but sometimes it will work out like that when people have all queued for multiple wings.

Have a great Easter weekend!