Fun With Followers

I know a lot of people get excited for Tuesdays because of raid resets. Me? I get excited because my Inn resets and I can recruit a new follower!

Juna recently got Soulare of Andorhal. If you do a /tired emote at him, he will /comfort you and give you something for your toybox, so if any of you are Horde and want to come meet him, hit me up.

Each of my characters has certain preferences. Sanbec seems to have a thing for Worgen ladies, like Permelia.


In addition to her, he also recruited a feral druid, Seline Keihl, and of course he has Fiona as well.

You can see my solution for the ugly new human face. Thank the Light I saved that helmet. Karius, however, has gone the opposite route … very much the opposite, exposing as much as possible.


Yeah, that’s right, the poor neglected mage who never even made max level in Pandaria is now the second Alliance character to reach Draenor … in large part because of the clothing options. What? Blame Elgar.

Can’t leave Van out, though … we need some Horde content here too. He finished up the garrison campaign this week and got Choluna.


He also finished the bro stone grind and subdued Garona, so he is all ready to move on to Blackrock Foundry when it opens.

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7 Responses to “Fun With Followers”

  1. tomeoftheancient Says:

    I am so jealous, my warlock has been hoping to get Soulare but he’s still playing hard to get!

  2. koalabear21 Says:

    What are you going to do if you don’t like the belfs?

  3. repgrind Says:

    Well I think Van has that same helm stuck away, and Arelin is an engineer so he always has goggles.

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    You’re so lucky! I’ve been trying for Soulare and the DK Panda forever! All I seem to get are variations of Dwaves and Gnomes lol.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Yup, I have a special place for all of those gnomes and dwarves … and most orcs and goblins, too. However, Juna does have this ADORABLE little goblette in blue and silver plate …Rizza Brassrokkit. She gets to stay active.

  6. taintedsouls Says:

    Is that an epic catwoman reference I detect? Also, I had no idea Soulare was so rare or had a toy. He popped up for me but I didn’t recruit him because I liked the looks of one of the other followers better. D’oh!

  7. wowstorylines Says:

    I guess I need to get the Inn on one of my characters in the near future. Sounds like fun!

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