I finally got enough hexweave to make my elekk plushie. Like everything else in WoD, I derped around and sometimes trapped wolves for fur to make work orders for hexweave, not really making it a focus more of a ‘oh I should ….’ type thing. But last night I got enough so Juna sewed one together real quick.


Yes, my tauren huntress is a tailor. What? She looks awesome on her flying carpets.

The plushie is super adorable .. even Mr. Clefthoof wanted to cuddle with her.


Making it was really the only part Juna had to do, though. She still has her own leveling to work on. So I logged back over to Van, who was sitting on a stack of pet charms. He bought a battle stone to upgrade her from common to rare. Then he headed out to start leveling her. We took on the two trainers in Winterspring and outside of Karazhan, all of the old Outland trainers, and the trainer in Hyjal since I use the portal through there as a shortcut to Winterspring. By the end of that she was up to level 20 already! So it feels like it is going really fast, but of course the big adventure is definitely going to stall out soon. Besides the trainers getting much tougher, some of them are only available at certain times, like the two at the Darkmoon Faire and the ones in the Celestial Tournament. But I got a good start on it so I’m happy for now.


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4 Responses to “Plushie!!!!!!!”

  1. koalabear21 Says:


    I made one almost right away on Lyssi and managed to sell it for like 8k on the AH.

    I made a 2nd one for Slice the other day. I have enough cloth to make one for myself, but I am saving it for another epic piece.

    I made a long comment on Bocat’s post yesterday for the best place to farm wolves for fur.

  2. repgrind Says:

    I usually just go to the valley east of the garrison. I only need like 14 at a time, so it only takes a few minutes. I never get extras since they don’t stack in the bags. I wish Blizz would fix that so that they do.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    I’m one of those people who obsessively refreshes my work orders, so 14 isn’t enough. 🙂

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    It’s so cute!! I have the pattern but not enough hexweave yet since I blew it all on shoulders for my Warlock 😛
    I know…I put gear before pets. I am ashamed 😦

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