I do not have more screenshots from this week. Mostly because I haven’t really been in too many battles lately. Tuesday night I worked on my Polish campaign. I’m at the point in the Deluge questline where I need to gather the nobles together and take back Warsaw. However, I’m not friendly enough with enough of them to get them to join me, so I’m spending a lot of time playing courier, delivering letters back and forth between them to build up my relationships.

Wednesday night I had to play WoW. The patch is next week, and while I am excited about some of the changes, I am sad that some things are being taken out, even if only temporarily. I mean really, I have all these challenge card quests for the Brawlers’ Guild which I’ve been saving because I have no space for the shirts that are the quest rewards. So they are giving me more space but on the same day are taking away the Brawlers’ Guild. Maybe I can defeat them and not turn the quests in until later? I don’t know, but I don’t even feel like trying. And of course, as soon as that patch drops the guild is going to want to start getting everyone together for Mythic. I’m still burned out. I don’t even want to raid right now. I might still not want to raid in a month. Or even two.

So last night I tried to play Mount and Blade and decided to try some of these other things I’ve bought recently instead. I got Empire: Total War. I know I played it some last week but I don’t really remember why it didn’t quite grab me. I know I didn’t really get the battles, which you actually participate in. I also got a package of things by the same publisher, Paragon, that did the Mount and Blade series. In Crusader Kings II I signed on as the Grand Prince of Kiev and managed to get my son married off and a couple of other things before it all went to hell and I lost all of Lithuania.

Then I picked up Europa Universalis IV. I started out in the first section, 1444, leading Poland. This one has missions. You can only do one at a time and it gives you a set of three to choose from. Having a clear goal helped me to understand the game better and have something to be working on, so it was easier to get into it. I got a marriage set with Bohemia followed by an alliance. I got an alliance with Lithuania, which led to the change in government from a feudal monarchy to an elective monarchy. With my new allies at my side, I declared war on the Teutonic Order to take back some territory that the game said should really be mine. I also had to put down a small rebellion in Podolia. They want an independent Ukraine, so .. yeah, sadly, even though I would like that, too, I couldn’t allow it. Anyway, now I just need to take three or four other small areas and then I will be able to form the actual Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and rule over all of it. I doubt this will supplant Mount and Blade completely, but I think it is something I will keep working on.


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3 Responses to “Sidetracked”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I didnt know they were getting rid of the brawlers guild. Guess I should go in there and get my pet huh?

    Are they bringing back a harder version in WoD?

  2. repgrind Says:

    Yeah they’re updating it for level 100. So it’s only gone for a month really.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    Oh well in that case I will just wait then. Back to Conan! 😀

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