Lords in the Field 9

A couple more Cossacks that I hadn’t gotten up yet.

First is Matviy Gladkiy.


I’ve mentioned him at least once before but didn’t have a screenie so … here he is. There is a Gladki mentioned in the book but that is it, he has no description or presence other than being part of a list of colonels gathered under Hmelnitski.

Ivan Fedorenko:


Have you noticed how these guys all have FANTASTIC mustaches?

Now, there is an Ivan Nykyforovych Fedorenko on wikipedia who is, well, alive now! He was the president of the Ukrainian NOC (National Olympic Committee) from 1998 to 2002. There was also another one, Ivan Ivanovich Fedorenko, who was an astronomer in the late 19th century. Fedorenko *is* mentioned in the book, but only as ‘the cruel Fedorenko, of Kalnik’; no first name is given. I am guessing that the game designers chose Ivan as his first name to honor Ivan Nykyforovych.

I’m starting to run out of Cossack colonels to post! I should make a list and see if I can’t specifically target the ones I am still missing. I think maybe Mozyra and Jalaliy. Oh, and BOGUN! I do have a shot of him but it’s at night so it’s dark. I need to get a good one of him. And Gomon and Sinonos. I think that’s it. Ok, and Shumeiko and Vygovsky. Wait, didn’t I talk about Vygovsky? I guess not. Hmm …. strange, I know I’ve read his wiki several times.


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