Bye Bye

So, while the Seahawks were busy decimating the Packers last night, I got busy doing the same to the Crimean Khanate. Giray and his men were out in full force. They would take Ladyzhyn, I would take it back while they rode over to Kezlev. As soon as Ladyzhyn was taken back, I would ride over and break up the siege at Kezlev, and they would turn around and go back to Ladyzhyn. Eventually, one of the times they went back, I noticed they had left only one commander at Perekop. I had my two favorite guys with me, Gritsenko and Bogun, so instead of following them, we thumbed our noses at them and captured Perekop instead.


Then we did the same at Kafa, Bakhchisaray, and Kalanchak. After each siege we ran into a couple of them coming to see what was up, and defeated them easily. NOW Ladyzhyn was the ONLY thing they held. Taking that was simple since it had been besieged so many times recently and had no time to build up a garrison. Then it was just a matter of chasing down the two or three individual armies that were riding around the map with no fortresses to hide in.


As icing on the cake, Hmel awarded the rich former capital Bakhchisaray to me.

Once the dust settled, the former commanders of the Khan started to choose new factions for themselves. So far, three of them have joined the Muscovites, one joined Sweden, and one has joined us.


I’m not sure how all this is decided. Heck, Mirza Divey is still in my prison in Kezlev. I don’t suppose that is earning us any bonus points, eh?


Lose that blue banner, Mirza Karach … it’s time to pick a new side.


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One Response to “Bye Bye”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Destroyer of cultures! :-p

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