Lords in the Field 4

It’s probably actually 5 if you count yesterday.

After taking Kilburun, Les’ and I just hung around the area and engaged any Crimeans we ran across. When Martyn Pushkarenko laid siege to Kalanchak, we rode over and joined him.


I’m not sure what he was doing, really, because we never completed the siege. Even after Ivan Hmara and Fyodor Loboda joined us, we continued to stand around and just fight defenders that showed up. Which is ok, I mean, we did some damage to them and were never really in danger since the bulk of their army was still on Krakov. With the fortifications and garrison I had built up there, it took them *forever* to finally take it.

Speaking of Loboda, on Sunday when I rode over near Perekop chasing some scouts, I stumbled upon a battle between him and one of the Khan’s men. It was looking kinda bad for him, so of course I jumped in and helped fight them off. He was grateful for the assistance, of course, but afterwards every single man in his army was injured and needed time to heal. He wasn’t following me, so I followed him, because I couldn’t just leave him there in that condition, any little band of scouts would be able to potentially capture him without even needing to fight. So what does he do? Does he ride back to his fortress of Kyzykerman just across the river? Nope. He starts chasing more scouts. Now, maybe I should just let stupid be stupid, but I’m loyal to my Cossacks and we need to all stick together to be successful. So I followed him around, jumping in every time he engaged a party and saving his butt. Each time, I gained a large number of friendship points with him. By the time he finally decided to go home, he was devoted to me. In WoW terms, I gained enough rep to be exalted with him.


I tried to get a better picture instead of this one without his horse. It must have gotten killed under him. In another battle I followed him around, hoping to get a good screenshot at the end. In most of the battles I try to follow my other colonels around, partly to protect them, partly to get screenshots. In that one we were down to one last Oglan. Fyodor and I were chasing him and Fyodor was right next to him. Sadly, the guy managed to knock him out before I could get close enough to finish him off. He paid for his insolence with my lance in his side. And you get the horseless shot instead.

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9 Responses to “Lords in the Field 4”

  1. Leit Says:

    So… many… consonants…

  2. repgrind Says:

    These aren’t so bad. A couple of them have 3 consonants in a row, but the Poles are even worse. Especially with different spellings between the game/movie and the book. Good luck pronouncing Skrzetuski/Skshetuski!

  3. Leit Says:

    It’s plain weird. Our local variants go like Mzlikazi, Ntsoane, etc. The sounds you’re putting in words there just seem… very foreign. 😀

  4. koalabear21 Says:


  5. repgrind Says:

    Hm. I just realized … the tank in my guild has FIVE consonants strung together. Crazy Polish names!

  6. Leit Says:

    Don’t discount Greeks for crazy names… no-one can string together a 15-syllable surname quite like ’em. 😀

  7. slice213 Says:

    …..I thought this was a WoW blog 😛

    And agree 100% on those crazy names

  8. repgrind Says:

    There’s not much WoW to write about at the moment, since what I write about is what *I* am doing, and, well, there’s nothing new there even though I am still raiding. There will be plenty going on soon enough though now that we have a WoD date. Just let me play with my Cossacks for awhile until then. :p

  9. slice213 Says:

    Yeah I agree. Been playing more Heroes of the Storm lately and watching more TV then I ever have in years.

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