My First Siege!

Last night, I noticed that Minsk had been besieged enough recently to severely deplete its garrison. It was down to less than 100 defenders. I had 120 men or so in my army, but I was afraid that would be cutting it too close. After all, my personal specialty is cavalry, and while that extra long Hussar lance is superbly effective when mounted, it is a clumsy hindrance on foot. So I rode back over towards Cossack lands in hopes of finding assistance. As I drew near Chernigov, who should I see but my favourite buddy Les’ Gritsenko patrolling the area. In the past when I had chosen the dialog ‘Would you follow me? I have some ideas …’ the answer would be ‘That would hardly be appropriate, why don’t you follow me instead.’ But my renown has grown to the point where it is higher than many of the other Cossacks, so this time, he said something like ‘Lead the way. Together we will bring mayhem to our enemies.’

So, with Les’ following, I rode back to Minsk and blew a hole in the wall. We entered the city and fought off all of the defenders. The fortress was ours! Or rather, mine. I was given the option to request that it be awarded to me. Since my relationship with Hetman Hmelnitski is 100 and I led the attack, I had faith that he would give it to me anyway, so I chose not to ask for it. Within a few minutes, I received notice that he awarded it to me … although I was also given the option to accept or reject it. Of course, accepting it meant I was expected to defend it, which … well … 900 Poles showed up to take it back before I could even begin to get the garrison built back up, so it was only mine for a day or two. But still … now that others will follow me, I will be able to lead more of my own sieges! Well … once Colonel Jan Skrzetuski releases me from captivity, that is. /sigh


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2 Responses to “My First Siege!”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Yeah you can’t do much in captivity :-p

  2. repgrind Says:

    I’m a bit confused as to why he felt it necessary to hold me captive. I’ve had the option to capture him in past battles and I always did the honourable thing and let him go free, to the point that he actually considers me a friend. Of course, at the point I am at in the book right now, he is being held captive by Hmelnitski, so maybe it’s payback for that even though I am not involved in that in any way. :p

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