Wait. Here, let me zoom that in so you can get a better look at the misery.


Two blanking percent. TWO! The dang yeti managed to take out me, Kash, and I think one other person, so with two healers down … sigh. If only I had bubbled or hit lay on hands when I was in the air. I would have survived and perhaps kept others up long enough to get the kill. I swear, I really think I am too old and my reaction times are too slow to be counted on as a heroic raider. We should have had him down there. Stupid fight. RAWR.


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5 Responses to “Defeat”

  1. khizzara Says:

    Well, we extended the lockout, so we have all week to get him. All week. *cries*

  2. repgrind Says:

    I’m kinda ok with that. It’s not that I don’t want to kill the other bosses, but I’m at the point where it feels like a drag getting that close and then having to start over at the beginning tonight. I know there are other people who might welcome the break from him for a night and a half of clearing back to him, and I feel that way too some weeks, but man … last night just left me wanting to pound on him until he’s done.

  3. khizzara Says:

    I’m kinda bored of the farm bosses, to be honest, so I don’t really mind skipping them. (Even if I DO need a damn trinket from Sha!) I just hope we don’t really spend 9 hours on Thok, because I think I might ragequit. He has to die!

  4. Navimie Says:

    So close! We too are on Thok (but we’re trying to 2 heal it with no pallies in raid /cry) and I feel like we never get time to practice because it’s at the END of the raid week when we get there! Good luck for next week!

  5. wolfgangcat Says:

    Ouch! That’s painful 😦
    Hope you get him soon. I hate that dinosaur…

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