Dammit Blizz

*throws money at computer screen*

Hi! I’m Van’s new horsey.


Want to see my special move?




I also come with a hitching post, so all of the people in your party can ride a clone of me. And it’s even better than the old TCG hitching post, because instead of a pony that disappears once you dismount, this one gives you a 20 minute buff that gives any mount you summon the illusion of me, the Warforged Nightmare. Hmm … since I can fly, I bet that works for flying mounts, too! We tested it out in the raid last night, but lazy Van didn’t get any screenshots. Some excuse about having to dodge flaming boulders tossed by Kor’kron demolishers or something, I dunno, but we had at least six of us racing down The Drag last night. It was glorious!

Oh yeah. All of Van’s alts got a hitching post in their mailbox, too, so they can share in the fun.

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4 Responses to “Dammit Blizz”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    You and your ponies

  2. mimifiremage Says:

    That new Warforged Nightmare mount is so gorgeous!! I really want to buy it but I’m saving $ for outdoorsy stuff… I regret not commiting to my hermit life sometimes… anyway my guild died in the two months I was away so it would not serve me well… so pretty though!

  3. WasteWalker Says:

    I didn’t like it – the run animation is weirdly stiff.

  4. repgrind Says:

    I agree that it runs funny. But I think it is supposed to be mechanical so even though it looks strange, it makes sense. Even so … most of the time I am on it I spend admiring it while standing still.

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