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Oh Look …

June 27, 2014

Friday again! Um … Thok can DIAF. I can see how this is a raid-breaker on heroic. I’m not even *in* for all of the attempts, and I’m sick of him. But … we’ll get him sooner or later. Oh … remind me to study Blackfuse before Monday! I think we’re going to try that one for a change of pace.

Outside of raid time I haven’t done much. I did a bit of preparation on my warlock for challenge modes. I think I have convinced a few guildies to help me at least get silvers for the mount. Since Kash has already healed them and wants to do it, I’m more than fine with bringing the lock for damage cookies and other utility benefits. And she doesn’t even have set bonuses or a legendary meta gem or a legendary cloak – the things that don’t work in there – so she’s not losing anything by fixing up gear for it.

I’ve also checked out Steam since everyone’s blogs are talking about the summer sale. I picked up things I’ve heard other people talk about that are basically old news, but that I haven’t played myself … like Mass Effect 2 and Borderlands 2. So I’ll have new things to play if my super slow DSL ever finishes downloading them.

That’s about it for now. Maybe next week I’ll have more to post about. 🙂

Hmmm ….

June 20, 2014

Friday already … again … and I still have nothing to post this week. Ack! I just don’t have much to talk about.

The guild has killed heroic Spoils .. a couple of times now .. but I haven’t been in for them. We’ve been working on Thok, which of course I *am* in for because zomg moar healz! It’s going well enough. We’ve gotten through pretty much the entire set of phases a couple of times at least, we just need to fine tune some things. I was reading about the selfless healer build and decided to try it. I’d been using eternal flame but I’m not sure the HoT was really all that effective. It actually felt really good to be judging again. I got myself a weak aura to tell me how many stacks I’ve got built up. The extra fast cast time of Holy Radiance with a couple of stacks is extremely useful for Thok.

In downtime, I’ve been … well, I dug Sims 3 out of my pile of neglected titles.

That’s really all I have to say. It’s the busiest time of year at work so I don’t have much time to post anyway, and I’m kinda beat in the evenings and just want to go to bed early so yeah.

Dammit Blizz

June 12, 2014

*throws money at computer screen*

Hi! I’m Van’s new horsey.


Want to see my special move?




I also come with a hitching post, so all of the people in your party can ride a clone of me. And it’s even better than the old TCG hitching post, because instead of a pony that disappears once you dismount, this one gives you a 20 minute buff that gives any mount you summon the illusion of me, the Warforged Nightmare. Hmm … since I can fly, I bet that works for flying mounts, too! We tested it out in the raid last night, but lazy Van didn’t get any screenshots. Some excuse about having to dodge flaming boulders tossed by Kor’kron demolishers or something, I dunno, but we had at least six of us racing down The Drag last night. It was glorious!

Oh yeah. All of Van’s alts got a hitching post in their mailbox, too, so they can share in the fun.

A Post!

June 11, 2014

Not much going on here. I enjoyed the short-lived Heart of the Valorous. Huna stepped into LFR and did Vaults through Terrace, plus one scenario, and boom! She was capped. It would be nice if they would leave that in place for the rest of the expansion. She didn’t have quite as much loot luck as some of my other alts, but she did come out of them with a nice fan and the sha-touched mace, so at least she got weapons upgraded. She still has green trinkets though and not enough ilevel to get into ToT. Perhaps her first valour purchase will be one of the 522 trinkets from the vendor.

In Heroes, I still haven’t ventured out of practice mode. I have leveled to 6 and unlocked the daily quests, and actually did try queueing for a vs. mode match, but I chickened out when it didn’t pop fast enough. It was also late and I wanted to just get a game done and go to bed. I’ve tried more heroes and all of the maps now.

E.T.C. was fun. I enjoyed the flavor of his abilities. And the sound effects. Maybe especially the sound effects. Also, he’s pretty badass. I mean, if a noob like me can take on Muradin one on one, stop him from collecting a tribute, and beat him below half health before help arrives while barely taking damage myself, well … yeah ok it’s AI Muradin and the AI sucks but still … I felt like I knew what I was doing there for a minute, ya know?

Tyrael … well I don’t know what his other abilities really do because I spent most of the match tossing his sword and teleporting to it. Whee! I played some Starcraft assassin dude last night … Zanador? Zanator? Zeratul. Wow, I was way off. Well at least I got the Z right. Despite not having a clue who he is, I had fun with him. He stealths when not in combat even if he’s mounted, he does a shadowstep type thing, he cleaves.

So, I’ve played some ranged, and while I did enjoy Tychus, it seems like my favorites so far are either melee or support, or both if you’re Uther.