Good Riddance

Chalk up one more heroic victory. Malkorok is down.


Now, before you go saying ‘well yeah but patch = nerf’ let me tell you that the guild downed him on Monday while I listened on vent. I was in as the third healer while we learned the heroic mechanics, but when it came time to two heal so as to beat the enrage, I sat out in favour of our other ranged dps. We have exactly 11 people on the roster at the moment, so we rotate in and out depending on specific needs. But they wasted no time getting me in for my kill.

This is one of those fights where I’m more than happy to be ret instead of holy. heh. Half the raid doesn’t need gear off him and wants to sit it out though, so I’m sure they’re going to make me heal it sooner or later.

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7 Responses to “Good Riddance”

  1. koalabear21 Says:


  2. battlechicken Says:

    Woot, grats!

  3. khizzara Says:

    Yay! We are amazing! 😀

    You forgot to mention that we then went on to almost kill Heroic Spoils on our first night of attempts!

  4. repgrind Says:

    I wasn’t there though. I didn’t realize you’d gotten that close since I dropped group to finish my Timeless Isle quests. :p

  5. khizzara Says:

    Oh, I thought you were there, silly me! Yeah, we got through the first side and almost finished the second side on our 7th (and last) pull, but a death caused us to hit the enrage. Spoils doesn’t seem nearly as hard as the last couple of heroics, so we should probably get it down quickly. (Except now I’ve just jinxed us, dammit!)

  6. tomeoftheancient Says:

    Congratulations! I can hear the lamentations of his women!

  7. Katinka Says:

    grats. my guild got this achievement on monday as well before the “nerf.” i sat out as well, since i’m taking a break for the summer until the next expansion. good luck on your next progression kills.

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