Happy Druid

Ok, last week I mentioned how much fun I was having leveling my balance druid through Pandaria. Several of you expressed disbelief, and Bocat basically said ‘SS or it didn’t happen.’ So Hunahuna is here to show you just how much fun it is.


Um, catching up on gossip in Halfhill doesn’t count, Hunie. Any character can do that. Heck, that’s what some of these commentators have relegated their druids to doing. We want to show them some action!


Yes, working your farm is action, but that’s not quite what I meant. I understand that you’re a druid and feel the need to play in the dirt there, but that isn’t what this post is about! Please help me out here.


Aha! Now we’re getting somewhere. Here’s some single target action on a named quest mob.


And here we have the glory that is hurricane/astral storm.


Yes, dear, that’s a lovely placement. No, it doesn’t make you a tank.

Curious, though, as to how much she can handle, I pulled four of those Saurok in the cave in the (crap what is that little zone called where the Tavern is?) zone between the Valley and Kun-Lai. These aren’t little low-health mobs like the ones she AOE’d in the above screenshots, but regular, full-health mobs equal to her level. No problem. She mowed them down. Dot, dot, starfall, ooh an instant starsurge proc …yeah I threw in a barkskin and a rejuv but really, she had no problem. Out of all the casters I’ve played with (not counting the warlock who has a pet for that) she *is* the tankiest of all of them.

Oh, and one other thing … I am beginning to understand the druids I’ve seen who bounce around. My other lady tauren, Junahu, is as flat-footed as they come. Of course, she grew up with her pet holding all of teh things while she stood still and shot them. Huna though? Yeah … she bounced circles around the Varian sha during the quest at the Temple of the White Tiger. She might be having TOO much fun. She even flirted with Anduin.

I’ll be totally honest here, out of the 5 characters that I RaF boosted to 85, the balance druid was the last one I would have bet on being the first to the Shrine. But here she is! A couple of the others have made 86, but she is at least a full half-level ahead.


Sha of Anger, meet Huna the Happy Druid. She’ll be coming for you soon!


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8 Responses to “Happy Druid”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Yeah still won’t be leveling my poor druid :-p

  2. wolfgangcat Says:

    Okay – you’ve convinced me!
    I still don’t get Balance though. I felt I was casting slower than molasses and I never did figure out the Eclipse thing…

  3. battlechicken Says:

    Woot! Moonkin FTW! 😀

  4. Tyledres Says:

    I’ve kept thinking someday I’ll understand lazorchicken but it’s always eluded me. Kitty I get though, swipe all the things! Hmm… I was leveling rogue with my leather heirlooms but maybe it’s time to give them back to the druid and get some kitty fix.

  5. wowstorylines Says:

    LOL!! I am having a great time with my Balance Druid that I did boost -it’s awesome stuff. I’ll be bringing another one up the old fashioned way in time, however, what I have been able to do with mine has shocked me silly – a lot of it, has to do with the fact that you’re geared fairly well when you hit the Vale. Makes a huge difference.

  6. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, and mine isn’t any kind of geared. She’s still wearing heirloom shoulders at level 87! LOL.

    Ok, she has an ilevel 450 BoA weapon with Windsong, but still …

  7. Erinys Says:

    I think all Druids are bouncy, Just something about the class which lends itself to leaping about, regardless of the spec you play. Moonkins are amazing fun, glad you’re enjoying yours.

  8. AmerPriest Says:

    Oh my see this is why I think I’m holding on my shaman… As I really been also thinking of leveling a druid gah!!! Too much to do!!! Sigh! Anyway, glad your having fun that’s all that matters! And please kill Sha for me too lol

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