Who to Boost?

Well, decision time is nigh. The pre-orders for WoD, including the level 90 character boost, have arrived. True, you don’t have to use that boost right away. You can hang onto it as long as you wish. I thought I had my mind made up, but then I got to thinking … you get fully leveled professions if you boost a character that’s already above level 60. That could really come in handy. I already have Tailoring x2, Enchanting x2, JC, Alch, and Mining maxed on Kargath/Norgannon. That leaves me with plenty of professions still to go. My recent foray into RaF has left me with every class at 85 or above. RaF boosted characters include a rogue, a shaman, and two druids .. the three classes (besides monk, which I have at 89) that I haven’t gotten to max level yet. They are pretty much not a consideration. I NEED those five levels to, um, learn how to play them … >.> Plus it seems silly to boost a character only 5 levels. If I had any stuck in Outland … well, let’s look at what I DO have.

Faranell, level 1 undead mage
Averry joked that he was surprised I didn’t have an Edwin anywhere, so in response, I created one! I considered RaFing him, but decided to leave him alone and give him the free boost. The only real argument against it is, well, I already have a mage at 90 and another one at 85. And that’s not even counting the Alliance one who is 86!

That’s really the only one I was considering boosting under 60. So how about some 60+?

Rathanos, level 85 BE prot paladin
I wanted a separate pally to learn prot on. So I did some dungeons from level 15 to maybe level 30. Then I quested. Then I RaF boosted him from 55 to 85. So … yeah. I still don’t know what I’m doing other than throwing my shield, bashing hammer of the righteous, and uh … wait, maybe that’s shield of the righteous? See?!? I have no clue. Argument for = he’s my wannabe scribe. Argument against = it’s dumb to boost a character only 5 levels, and I can always transfer my fully leveled scribe over from Drak when I have a few extra bucks.

Giska, level 75 orc monk
Proud member of the DPS crew over at The Warchief’s Command Board. Also my future leatherworker. It’s taking forever to level her because I am keeping up on her crafting as I go. But really, other than not having to finish the leatherworking, I can’t think of a good reason to boost her. She’s got heirlooms, she’s got the monk xp bonus, she’s got 15 levels to go.

Oslen, level 40 undead hunter
Obviously, I would level him to 60+ first. He’s my engineer. I don’t have another hunter besides the original character Junahu. However, I DO have a fully leveled engineer … wasting away on Drak. Boost Oslen or transfer Arelin? There’s no Arelin listed on Norgannon, so he would get to keep his name. Hmmmm … *checks bank account*

I think that covers all of the professions on K/N. Kirgra is slowly leveling her BS, and is already 90, so that one is off the table.

Naeladi, level 77 tauren warrior
Still on Drak, and a possible candidate because of her BS. But … she would have to be boosted AND transferred, because she’s on that PvP cesspool.

What about Alliance?

K … wait, what the heck is her name again? Oh yeah. Kriann, level 68 dwarf ele shaman
Well … she’s my scribe there. I still don’t have a shaman at 90, although I RaF boosted one to 85. I play her so much I forgot her name. Yeah. Still … level/prof wise, she’s a decent candidate.

Kroy, level 58 human rogue
He’d only need a couple of levels. He’s an engineer, BUT … so is Ragle. So he’s redundant for professions. I don’t have a rogue at 90, but again, I RaF boosted one to 85.

So, uh … what do you think? One of the above, or someone else entirely!

P.S. I am NOT paying $60 to boost a second character. This is a one-time, free-with-the-xpac deal for me.


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11 Responses to “Who to Boost?”

  1. slice213 Says:

    I can help you out rep on this one, one word. Panda.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Hmmm …. I’ve made two pandas and they are level, um … yeah, 15 and 12. >.>

    So that might be a consideration! Panda and goblin are the only Horde races I don’t have at 85+.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    I don’t know what to tell you. I do know I will be boosting from level 1 since I don’t mind power-leveling professions.

    Have fun with that one! 😀

  4. Cain Says:

    You mention a couple that already have professions that overlap with ones you have, but nothing says they have to keep those professions. I’m pretty sure you could drop both professions, pick up new ones at level 1, and get the boost on any profession you want. So I’d focus on what you’d like to play for a class and then just change the professions to be what you’d like to have on the server you are doing the boost on. Even if you have to level yet another toon to 60 (I know you just leveled a ton with RaF but 60 isn’t that far) I think the profession boost is worth it.

    If you don’t think you’ll play it much anyways then just focus on what professions you want the most. Consider the dual specializations of engineering, three specializations of Alch, the one of every armor class enchanting for DE’ing timeless isle stuff, or just which professions will make the most money through cooldowns. Personally every toon I have would be enchanting/engineering if I didn’t want to have all the other professions covered to be self sufficient. Being able to DE everything you find and the tinkers just seem so useful to me.

    You say you have every class 85+ from the RaF, but I’m guessing some are alliance and some horde. So maybe just focus on what you’d really like on both sides.

    Or, you could do what I’m doing and use it on a toon that is an Alliance (that’s where most of my mounts are) Warlock (Paladin works too for class mounts) with Tailoring and Engineering for maximum possible mount counts towards achievements. Correct me if I’m wrong and this doesn’t actually affect mount counts, but I thought you had to be able to ride a mount for it to count towards the achievement.

  5. repgrind Says:

    Hmm … you do bring up some points I hadn’t thought of. I have a tendency to have the characters’ professions burned into my brain as a part of who they are, so changing them is something that I never think of (not counting some leveled with gathering skills and the intention to change later on).

    Engineering, good point. Even if I transfer Arelin, Oslen could be the other spec. The other specializations of alch will be covered with the two druids, because druid herbalists ….

    Nah, they’re all Horde. My poor Alliance are semi-abandoned, but they have so much history that I can’t completely forget about them.

    You know, I think the only Engineering-only mount that I’ve even bothered to make is the original, slow-version flying machine. I should get on that. I’ve made all of the carpets.

    One character that I did NOT mention is Oslen’s big brother Oslee, the warrior. He’s currently 50 and has JC/mining but yeah … he could TOTALLY drop those for something else and get the boost!

  6. tomeoftheancient Says:

    The only real decision I made was to get some support staff for my Horde and that narrows it down to level 60s … which I don’t have, lol.

    I think I’d do the one with the hardest to level profession.

  7. wolfgangcat Says:

    You need a Death Noob! 😀

    I was going to boost a Warlock once I got one to level 60, but I probably need another Death Noob…

  8. wowstorylines Says:

    I went a little nuts and pre-ordered for four of my accounts, which should be all that I am going to have. So, I took my level 60+ Draeni Enhancement Shaman up the ladder, my Forsaken hunter (naturally), a 70 Tauren Druid and lastly a Worgen Death Knight. The druid I haven’t really played in a while, so, there will definitely be a learning curve there. It’s been fun so far. No, I don’t intend on trying to keep up with the even dozen 90s I have now, I’ll just keep going as I have.

  9. repgrind Says:

    LOL Bo. A DK would be a good choice if I didn’t already have something at or near 60+. But I think it would make more sense to fork over the $25 to transfer over the DK that I already have with fully leveled engineering than to use it on another.

  10. slice213 Says:

    boost your barbarian, oh wait wrong game lol

    But I have no idea what to boost. maybe as bo said a death noob? Or a monk?

  11. Lore Says:

    I havent decided if I want to bother playing the new xpac yet. I love playing WoW, but the lack of content is killing me. And I dont want to sit in SoO for the next 6-9months. We are 2 bosses from Heroic Garosh, but WoW has kind of lost its appeal to me. (Lets face it though, we all know I will be back for WoD no matter what..) lol.

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