Heroic Sha

So, you know how you all stack up for most of the fight against Sha of Pride, only spreading for two or three select abilities and then stacking again? Yeah, on heroic, notsomuch. There are rifts that you have to run over to close, and they shoot out purple badness until you do. And of course you get a debuff once you close one and can’t do it again for a minute, so pretty much everyone has to do it, you can’t just assign one person for it. Oh and then there’s the banishment thing where you get to run through a maze. No, not like Durumu, more like Pacman, and if one of the sha beasts catches you it’s lights out. So, unlike Protectors or Norushen where the fights aren’t significantly different just turbo-boosted, this one has a lot of new mechanics to deal with.

We had several pulls that were soooooooo close but not quite, but we finally did it.


Afterwards we took our break before starting work on Heroic Galakras. During the break I took a ride around the bay. There are whole fleets out there, and you can explore them all! I think the blood elves did something funky to this one though, because it’s trying to be an airship.


We didn’t get too far on Galakras, mainly because of time constraints … we have some people to gear up, so we want to make sure we have enough time to kill the rest of the bosses this week!


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