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Back and LFG

December 30, 2013

So, yeah, sorry about the silence, but holidays … phew. I was completely off the net there for 10 days (not counting the phone, but that’s not *really* gaming).

My RAF is coming along nicely. Wega is into Northrend now .. pretty soon she’ll be getting … oh what the heck, why don’t I just give her a link in the sidebar now while I’m thinking about it, hey? There we go.


As you can see from the other changes on the sidebar there, I did some moving around. Some friends moved and I was hoping to follow them, so I moved too. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get into the same guild, however, so now … well, *shrug*. I have had a couple of offers. You know who you are. But … I’m not sure I want to raid 3 nights a week or be on a super high population server. So I don’t know yet what I’m going to do. I’ve already get a bank guild set up on Drenden with Juna as the GM, so she will stay there either way. But Van is free and single and ready to move when I figure out where I really want him to be (with a new name, which I think I will keep because it is unique in all of WoW).

So there, now you can all fight over me. Ha!

Oh yeah, I also got a new computer.

RaFing Around

December 11, 2013

Just a few shots of some of my Recruit a Friend pairs as they tool around Azeroth.

Conie and Leion make new friends in Azshara.


Zalazku and Razkazkaz hanging out in the Northern Barrens.


Oranis and Ileida have made it the farthest, all the way to Northern Stranglethorn. Those water striders sure do come in handy!


Just a note of warning … with the new in-game interface, you’ll get a popup notice when you are eligible to select your reward. If you’re choosing a mount, MAKE SURE you are on a character level 40+, because they don’t send the item in the mail to all your characters … they plop it into your bags and it is soulbound. This isn’t an issue with pets, but the Zhevra still requires level 40 to learn.

I was on Wega when I got the notice because the first thing I normally do is log onto a bank alt and take care of my auction business. I didn’t think ahead and ended up with the Zhevra sitting in the bags of a level 14. So now Wega has a RaF partner as well, and I went a step further and gave her and her lock buddy heirlooms to make it go even faster. Meh, I need her leveled anyway so she can open all the lockboxes taking up space in my bank. Yes, I KNOW I could put in a ticket and Blizz would take care of it for me, they are good about these type of things. But I’m having fun with it so why not? There are other benefits as well … last night they got the Echeyakee quest, so I logged Juna on and got one for her. Back when she leveled through the Barrens, well, she was my first character so I was still learning. Plus, we didn’t have 50 freaking stable slots. We had five. FIVE. Plus, there was the whole training skills to the pets and … bleh. Huntering is so much easier these days. Point being, she just couldn’t afford to have him take up a stable slot. Now she can. 😀

Class Seven

December 9, 2013

Not much to say about it really other than the screenshot.


Yup, they are all dinging on the same set of quests. I took advantage of the last day of carousel buffs to push him through that last level and be done with it. Prot is fun, although some of the mindset takes a little getting used to. Having problems with that elite you’re fighting? Grab an add! Not only will you get more vengeance to boost your attack power, but you can kill it for a Victory Rush to heal yourself.

Now he can join the other 90s who stand around and do nothing. Although, occasionally I find some reason to play one. Dyle finished Throne of Thunder this week and is hoping to get into SoO. Why? I dunno. Because I decided spriest was fun? Also, it’s more fun doing content on a character who actually needs the gear drops. He even got to learn how to do nests on Ji-Kun.

Class Six

December 2, 2013

Here’s one more to add to the pile.


Of course, the first thing I did, even before the Timeless Isle, was to visit the Isle of Giants.


I also looked up info on the special hunter pets that you can find by following their tracks. Here is a nice shot of Bristlespine right after I tamed him, with one of his tracks still showing next to us.


Of course, the one I want most is Portent, who is found in the Vale. I finally saw his tracks yesterday, but as soon as I landed, some Alliance hunter started harrassing me. Being that it’s a PvP server, I just flew away. It’s not even worth the trouble. (insert mini-rant about the server merges … Drak has had 3 other servers combined with it, with a fourth being added today for a total of 5 servers all merged) I liked it being somewhere between low to medium. Not that my Alliance server is any better now that they’ve merged it with another and caused it to be high pop. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but my initial happiness with combined servers is quickly changing to dismay.

I do have options though, especially since the current sale of the battlechest for $4.99 combined with the new (and brought back from retirement) RAF awards have convinced me to finally get a second account, even if only for the time needed to get my zhevra. I’ve taken a bit of a break from leveling my higher level characters to play around with RAF pairings, mostly leveling my bank alts.

I thought I had a bank on Earthen Ring but I guess I just had a bank alt and never got around to getting his own guild. I might ask for help setting one up there. Or I might just delete him. I haven’t really decided yet. I also have a couple of them on Dawnbringer, one on Elune, and of course Lemon Squares on Kargath which is definitely being used regularly. Plus the two on Drak/Firetree/Malorne/somethingelse/newsomethingelse that, well … I don’t know. I just. don’t. know. I have 5 90s there, plus an 87, an 85, and a ton of alts below 40. Oh yeah, and one on Winterhoof which is now high pop but not PvP so it’s ok.

And I’m rambling now, so I will stop.