So last night I queued for Halls of Flesh-Shaping and Pinnacle of Storms, because I only needed one more Titan Runestone. Pinnacle popped first and I figured, cool, I’ll get the guaranteed one off Lei Shen and be good to go. What I failed to realize, of course, is that the next quest requires killing Lei Shen. /facepalm
So I basically can’t do anything more this week, and am left with killing Garrosh as my only goal (which includes trying for the pets off Blackfuse and Paragons). *yawn*

On the plus side, Blizzcon was totally awesome and I am reasonably stoked about the expansion. Garrisons look like a lot of fun.

Heroes of the Storm looked pretty cool, too. I signed up for the beta even though it’s not the type of game I usually go for.

Reaper of Souls? Meh. I played D3 because it was free (with a yearlong WoW sub) and it was fun, but I won’t be paying for an xpac.

SC2 I bought on a whim when Blizz had it on sale for $20. I think I’ve played 3 maps in the scenario so far? Not for me, although I did watch one of the tournament matches and was like … woah.

Hearthstone! The Innkeeper’s Invitational was totally awesome, although it was a bit disappointing that so many of them played the exact same classes. I was glad to see Trump’s druid deck, as druid is one of the classes I play most often. It just has so much versatility (appropriate for druid as a class right?). I think if he had just put a taunt or two in there he’d have been fine.

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13 Responses to “Yay?”

  1. Jaellynn Evershade Says:

    You should be able to get the heart of Lei Shen even after killing him already for the week. True it’s annoying to have to kill him twice, but you can get your cloak this week.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Ooh really? Thanks! I hadn’t even thought of trying that.
    The fun part is going to be finding people to kill Celestials. I might have to break down and get an addon so I can annoy everyone on my stalker ID list with (OQ) popping up in their chat box every time I switch toons.

  3. Jaellynn Evershade Says:

    I used Openraid to find a celestial group for my last cloak. OQ should work just as well. Good luck!

  4. wolfgangcat Says:

    I’m still trying to get the 3000 valor…
    Did a Flex raid and it was horrible because not one pet dropped – just lousy gear I already had lol.
    I noticed not many people around Timeless Isle anymore – went there to do the CT and there were barely enough people to get Houlon.
    By the time I get to the Celestials part for the Legendary there won’t be anyone there at all.

  5. Lore Says:

    You can just que again for Lei Shen to get the heart. I did it on my monk. Then like the other person said, hop on OpenRaid, and find a celestial group.. have your 5k coins ready.. and BAM.. Cloak!

  6. repgrind Says:

    Wait … after all this crap I’ve gone through, I have to PAY for the damn thing?
    If I ever see Wrathion again I’m sending him to the same place I sent his dad.

  7. Lore Says:

    you only need 5000 timeless coins.. need some? I have like 80k of them.. lol.

  8. koalabear21 Says:

    I thought you were with us when we killed them all.

    I think you just need the cheeve right? Or do you have to kill them again after you are on that part?

  9. repgrind Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh timeless coins. Yeah I have tonnes of those.

    And I don’t have the cheeve, I’ve only killed Yu’lon. Like, two or three times.

  10. Ishtla Says:

    You can kill Lei Shen twice (sucks but it works). Watch the videos on the celestial challenge before heading into that. You should be able to get a group for all 4 celestials on openraid and oqueue (wish you could turn that damn spam off). Good luck with getting your cloak!

  11. Leit Says:

    You don’t pay for the quest cloak. You can always buy another for your offspec, but *that* one will cost 7050 gold. Choose wisely.

  12. repgrind Says:

    Well, I killed Lei Shen and took care of Celestial Blessings last night. I didn’t watch or read anything about the quest challenge, I just jumped right in. After rearranging a couple of keybinds, I had no problem getting it on the second try. Man, Wrathion really needs to work on his deeps though.

  13. marathal Says:

    I can confirm, killed Lei Shen then went right back in the same night for the heart

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