Connected Realms

On Monday, Drak’Tharon finally made the list for connected realms. I had been both dreading and looking forward to this feature. The dread stemmed from my experiences with Cross Realm Zones. There is little to no leveling content that requires having other people around, so CRZ served only to create competition for quest mobs, rare spawns, and gathering nodes. It would be a huge understatement to say that I am not a fan of CRZ.

On the other hand, however, over the course of the expansion, Drak had gone from a less-populated but still reasonably active realm, to a place where it is impossible to gather enough people to kill a world boss. We’re talking like, a dozen people max on the Timeless Isle during prime playing hours. No more than four people regularly posting their wares on the auction house.

When the announcement finally came, I was more excited than disappointed. Part of this is because of the realm we were being connected to, the previously joined duo of Firetree and Rivendare. I already had a slate of alts on Firetree because that is Stunnah’s home realm. With the joining of realms, all of them could be in SR and I would be able to mail things back and forth freely between them.

I had the good fortune to be home and online when the connection was completed. The first thing I did was log onto Wega and check out the much more robust AH. Where there had previously been one page of battle pets when Drak was solo, there were now no less than three. Let’s see, Gulp Froglet for 2k, super tempting, but there are more pages to look at. Better wait. Ooh! Vengeful Porcupette, 3499! *snag*

Next I see requests in trade chat for more people to do Storming Stormwind. Hmm … I’d killed Tyrande and Velen back in Wrath, but had never gotten around to finishing up the other two. And I honestly can’t recall the last time I *ever* saw anyone looking to do it. So I joined in. The group fell apart somewhere between Stormwind and Ironforge, but hey .. I got Varian checked off the list!

As for the Timeless Isle, well … I did get ganked once while helping to kill a rare, but … omg there are at least people there *to* kill rares.

So far, I give this new feature two thumbs up. We’ll see if my opinion changes any when my Alliance server Winterhoof, which had quite a lot more activity than Drak or even Kargath, gets connected. It’s in the list for the next round.

How about you? Any of you out there on a realm that’s been connected? What do you think so far?


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2 Responses to “Connected Realms”

  1. PlaidElf Says:

    Two of the realms I play on have been connected so far, both pvp realms. One’s where I have some lower level Alliance and not much else so I don’t play there enough to have much opinion, but the other is the home server for Seish and a bunch of my other 90s. So far I’m favorably impressed with the connection, though I’m still feeling a little reserved about it.
    Our auction house is definitely more robust than it was and there are people around doing things, so that’s nice. Main disappointment was that I’d kind of hoped that these connections would do away with CRZ. I -hate- CRZ so I’m disappointed that wasn’t the case. Still so far my impressions are more favorable than anything. Hopefully that will continue. I’m glad you’re enjoying it so far as well.

  2. tomeoftheancient Says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear how people liked it, leveling my Monk has made me HATE CRZ, it’s ridiculous but I am looking forward to connected realms for the same reason. Our AH could use a good shot in the arm and there weren’t enough people this morning to get together for even Huolon. My Warlock might be crazy but not that crazy, lol. She needs a little help on that one.

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