Alt Week: Rogue

Um .. I have rogues. You just can’t see them, they’re stealthed.

Honestly, I’ve tried rogues many times. They make great bank alts. *cough*

I don’t know why I haven’t stuck it out on one. They are a lot of fun. I love to go sub and do a stealth-shadowstep-ambush combo on something or someone. But I just have so many other things to do that I play for a little bit, then get sidetracked on something my main or a main alt wants to do and then the rogue gets set aside again.

Kroy has made it the farthest of any of them.

Ya um, that screenshot is 3 years old. Almost four years. And he’s gained maybe 30 levels since then … he’s up to 53. He WILL get leveled someday. It’s totally in my plans. I just don’t know when it will happen. I have this far-reaching goal to get every class leveled at some point. So far I have DK, paladin, mage and warlock. I also have monk, warrior, hunter and priest at level 84-87. That leaves druid, rogue, and shaman, all of which I have at levels 41-65. Now, if Blizz will just stop adding content (read: pets) I will have time for leveling!


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6 Responses to “Alt Week: Rogue”

  1. Cheap Boss Attack Says:

    Rogues are like Hunters with me, where both are really fun to play but I can’t seem to stick with either class. Those pet battles will suck every ounce of free time away from you Q_q.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, I’ve neglected almost everything this week in favour of downing Moonfang once an hour when she spawns. Still no dang pet.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    I enjoy my rogue, just not in dungeons. She would never survive in a raid.

  4. Cain Says:

    You would think rogue is so close to feral in play style that I’d have leveled it sooner. It ended up being in the group of the last three toons to hit 90 though.

  5. tyledres Says:

    I think I’d be so much closer to having one of every class leveled if I hadn’t kinda started over. But I should level another rogue! I need someone to open my lockboxes and this time I won’t spend hours out in darkshore opening those stupid boxes to try and level lockpicking.

  6. wolfgangcat Says:

    Pets > Leveling, unless you can combine leveling with pets 😀
    Heck I’m working on my 2nd -almost-level-90 DK with quests and pet battles. Like I need another DK or even another level 90…

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