Alt Week: Priest

I’ve dabbled a bit with priests. Enough that I had two at max level in Cata.



Rags was the first. He was actually one of the first four characters I rolled, but he was a belf then. He got transferred over when I went to Winterhoof to play Alliance, and got his name changed to be anti-Elgar. I made him look just like Elgar, too.

Elgar, of course, was the GM of the Alliance guild Crits And Giggles, and is still one of my best friends ever.

He messed around with both healing specs, but shadow is really his thing. I mean, there’s nothing *wrong* with priest healing, and I enjoyed both specs. It just never really gelled for me the way paladin did though.

He’s an engineer, so he has fun with his transporter malfunctions.

And he also did one thing no other priest will be able to do again … he got his Benediction/Anathema.


Dyle was rolled to see the new stuff in Tirisfal, Silverpine, and Hillsbrad after the Cata revamp. That project failed miserably when Arv rolled a goblin warrior named Dizzee.

Dizzee and Dyle ran dungeons together all the way up to Northrend, at which point Arv sprinted past me and I stalled out, leaving the old boy to rot in Dalaran for quite some time. But he eventually got leveled. I think he tried to heal a heroic once, but got a terrible group in Stonecore who blamed him when they overpulled and had stuff running everywhere uncontrollably, so he has never healed since then. Now he just goes to the Faire …

although he has leveled up to 87 so he could park at the shrine.


Since he’s 87 he will probably be the priest that gets to 90.

I also have a lowbie, Osler, over on Kargath. He’s around 26.

That’s it for priest week!

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3 Responses to “Alt Week: Priest”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I enjoy lowbie dungeon healing on priests, Disc priests.

    My first priest was leveling as holy. She was created shortly before the dungeon finder. When it first went into place she was stuck with such long queues (yes healers used to have long queues in the beginning). She was abandoned in the mid 20s I think. She was the first Lyssianna.

    When I created PPP at the end of Wrath she went all Disc all the time. She didn’t touch Shadow until I came face to face with the Cata dungeons. There was no way in hell she was healing those suckers while leveling. She healed a little bit during Cata, but ultimately got put on a shelf to sit and look pretty. She was the 2nd toon I leveled to 90 in MoP, mostly to have a back up healer for raids, but I am not fond of healing at end game anymore. She gets to stay in Shadow now for about 99% of the time. Thanks to the glyph that mutes shadowform it hasn’t messed with her keeping pretty.

  2. JD Kenada Says:

    Having rolled both healing specs for a Priest I can say that to this day I love Holy. That’s what Tumunzahar has always been (oh, man, leveling as a healer pre-LFG and LFR was an adventure!) and always will be.

    But, playing Paramita as Disc I found myself to be more versatile. As koalabear said, running disc in lowbie dungeons is very enjoyable. I do wonder what it would be like had I gotten her to 90.

  3. Cheap Boss Attack Says:

    I’ve always rather loathed Priest healing. I had a decent go at Disc during the late Wrath-era, but that was just for something to do in my offtime when I wasn’t Shadowing things in the face.

    I think I’m also a bit too spoiled by my Holy Paladin that I just refuse to give in and learn Chakras and watching people not click Lightwell.

    For these reasons, my 90 Priest is Shadow with a Shadow off-spec so I can never get pigeonholed in to healing again.

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