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August 20, 2013

omg omg the patch is in one week what ?!?!

Yeah ok it’s not like I didn’t know. I’ve known since the info was leaked well over a week ago. So what do I still want to get done over this final week?

Obviously, killing Lei Shen is priority. We have tonight and tomorrow as our regular raid nights to get it done. We should have our full group available. Cross your fingers.

Then there is Battlefield: Barrens. I’ve gotten four toons through it, three of which also finished the weekly to get the title. Kalyon doesn’t really care if he gets the title; he was the first toon to kill the Lich King while it was current content, so he is Kingslayer for life.

Which brings us to Rozjin. As you might guess from the name, he is a troll. Last night after working off Adryen’s bonus xp, I wasn’t ready to log off yet (partly because there were people on in guild and it’s always fun when there are people making fun of Arv chatting). Let’s see … Roz is halfway through 88, has 43 minutes on a carousel buff, and full rested xp. Let’s do this! I didn’t even think of the Barrens until he was almost 89, then the thought hit me … I have one week and full rested xp. If I can at least get him to 90, I bet I can get guildies and stalker ID friends to help me with the scenarios and maybe even burn down some commanders. Adoe always has fun with that. Arv? Slice? It would be a real shame if my troll didn’t get Darkspear Revolutionary for his title.

BTW I realized after one quest hub why I hadn’t finished leveling him yet. Frost is BORING. It used to be fun. Back in Cata, there were big old Deep Freeze crits that were so awesome they made me weep with joy. Now it’s just … sigh. So I went back to fire, which is how Roz originally leveled. Pyroblast! is just plain FUN.

Dungeon Fun

August 13, 2013

While I’ve been working on Adryen, Slice and Lyss have been leveling an Alliance tank and healer pair… a draenei warrior and an adorable gnome priest. Yesterday morning Lyss pinged me on google chat asking if I had anything level 30ish to run with them. Let’s see … I’ve got that 31 hunter that I used to help make Lyss’ bank guild or … OOH! I have my own bank alt, the level 30 worgen lock whose tailoring is capped at 225 until he gets to level 35!

So when I got home, I logged on to him. Slice and Lyss weren’t on yet, so I did a little rearranging to make some bag space, and I also went and picked up dual spec and got him a destro spec. I’d been demo, which is how I leveled Madorsa, but I thought dungeons would be a good opportunity to try out some fire slinging. As a bonus, since I’m not solo, I get to bring out my felpuppy instead of the blueberry. His name is Droonam but … I call him Jimmy.

Korgus became bank alt because I wasn’t fond of the male worgen casting animations but … by the end of the night they were growing on me. We also had a full SR group, with Arvash‘s worgen warrior and Tyledres’ human warlock joining up. Of course, with that kind of group, the pulls looked something like this.


Yes, that is Ironaya becoming active in the background while we’re still killing this large group of trash. SR … we know how to have fun!

Adryen Monk

August 12, 2013

So, last Monday evening we’re hanging around in guild chat. Slice is going through the guild achieves and is all like, ‘Van, make a goblin priest. That’s all we need for Classy Goblins.’ I laugh and tell him I already have a priest, but I’ll race change him if he gives me $30. Then he keeps going … Tauren priest, Tauren monk, Undead monk … and I’m like wait, I already have an undead monk, I’ve just never actually logged into him yet. Adoe says he’ll make a Tauren monk. Some jokes fly about it being a race.

Well, between the monk bonuses and carousel rides since it was Faire week, the levels flew by. The first night I got to 18. The second, 28. And so on, at a clip of around 10 levels a day. I made Outland on Saturday.


I did not make 10 levels yesterday though. A bad sinus headache left me not feeling much like playing, although I did make it up to almost 64.

He has zero professions. I mean like, not even cooking. I’ve never done that before, but when the focus is on getting levels, there’s no time. Plus, well … in today’s leveling environment, you outlevel your professions faster than you can keep up with them. It used to be a smart thing to level them as you level but now? It’s really easier to go back and do them later.

Oh, and Adoe is insane. He’s 77 already. o.O

Twins Down

August 9, 2013

Day late posting this, but we did get the Twin Consorts down Wednesday night. One pull. Easy.


We did a little better at lining up for this one.


We got some good work in on Lei Shen. It’s just going to take working through each stage. We have the most trouble on the transition or intermission stage. We did get him to 30% and the second transition on our last pull, so we’re getting there.