Alt Week: Druid

Yeahhhhhhh …this is one of the few classes I have never gotten to max level. Which is strange, really. I love the shapeshifting, I love the ability to play any role … I really need to get on this and finish one. I have two, which is no surprise since I’ve played many hours on both factions and have to have one of each class on each side.


Oh the Horde side we have Arenna at level 29.

Um .. if you click that armory link you will see that she is half naked. Adryen sort of stole her heirlooms. She mostly lounges around, going to DMF once a month, although she did quest through Hillsbrad when I got the urge to see the zone. I may send her to the Cape of Stranglethorn one of these days since I haven’t done that zone yet. Picking flowers though is really her thing.


On the Alliance side we have Kaladis at level 41.

Ugh .. that’s a really old shot. I should have logged in and taken a new one. She’s actually a very lovely Worgen lady, which you can see on her armory page. She went feral once Arv abandoned our leveling project. She spent a good 20 levels following his various lowbie alts around dungeons, while I tried to wrap my head around the whole healing with HoTs thing. She spends most of her time now standing around Stormwind, admiring her stag form. I don’t even take her to the Faire. Poor girl.

I’m going to level one or both of them someday. Honest!


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2 Responses to “Alt Week: Druid”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I logged into Tattia yesterday to help Zerl farm some mats for a transmog outfit and it just reminded me how much I hate druids now.

    I loved her in Wrath.

    Now I can’t even get myself to take her out of Org. She really needs to level too, she is my only skinner/LW.

    Good luck with leveling!

  2. OneCrazyPaladin Says:

    When you get high enough level for flight form, you should try jumping off somewhere really high, then switch to flight form right before you hit the ground. It’s awesome!

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