Alt Week: DK

Late to the party here, but since this sounds like a fun project, I think I’ll join in! Most of you probably already know if you read other blogs, but World of Lae has proposed celebrating our alts one class at a time for 11 weeks, and this first week is DK!

This is a fun one for me because DK is one of my favorite classes.


I wasted no time getting into DKs, making my first one the first day they came out, Arelin.

He was the first character I ever tanked on, clearing Naxx in Wrath, which was also the first raid tier I participated in. Then I … switched to playing Alliance for the rest of that expansion. But Shadow Rising was there on the horizon, dragging my troll mage through ICC right before Cata hit, and it wasn’t long into Cata before I was raiding on both sides. Thus, Arelin ended up tanking part of that first tier, including all of Bastion of Twilight, while I leveled my new main paladin on the side. Sadly, out of the DKs I will be talking about here today, he is the only one still stuck at 85.


On the Alliance side of things we have Kalyon.

He was originally a female Draenei but … I dunno, I just can’t play them. He made it to Northrend before I sent him to the surgeon and got him a makeover. He was the co-main throughout the last two tiers of Wrath, doing both tanking and DPS duties in both 10 and 25 man groups. His crowning achievement though, and still my best memory and most important event in my time in WoW, was tanking the guild’s first ever Lich King kill. He is and will forever be Kalyon the Kingslayer. I may be a healer now, but nothing will ever compare to the feeling of going toe-to-toe with the Lich King himself and coming out victorious after so many grueling months in ICC.


Last we have Kirgra.

Like Kaly, she isn’t the same as when she started out. But after a realm transfer, I decided that male troll wasn’t right for her, she needed a new start. So she became a female orc, which gave me an excuse to wear the slut plate that I’d been saving in the bank since Nagrand. She hasn’t done much, really, other than provide money, heirlooms, and mats to my army of alts on Kargath.

I have 5 level 90’s right now and 2 of them are DKs so … it’s pretty safe to say that I like playing the class. ^.^

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6 Responses to “Alt Week: DK”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    Can you imagine how long this post will be when they get to paladins?

  2. repgrind Says:

    It will only be 4. :p
    We will ignore the two level 30s that I haven’t played since Cata. There used to be one other level 30 also but she was deleted.

  3. koalabear21 Says:

    ONLY 4!?

    I have 4 warlocks so you need to count your Pallys woman!

  4. Laeleiweyn Says:

    Seems this week was well suited for you. 🙂 Lol, I have opinions about the female draenei transforming into a male human, but since we just met I won’t voice them. 😉 I’m happy you’re participating!

  5. repgrind Says:

    I like the way they look, but the sounds they make in battle and the way they sit a horse just … I couldn’t take it. Personal preference, I just like other races’ voices and animations better. 🙂

    Great idea you had with this! I’m looking forward to the rest of the class weeks. 😀

  6. slice213 Says:

    needs moar panda or catgirls!

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