Primordial Soup

So .. Primordius. Man, I’m so sick of this fight. Pull after pull after …


Here is pull #2.


Yes, two. Arv found a suggested strat for normal mode where you just hold the boss in the center, ignore the adds completely, and play Patchwerk with him. Obviously, it worked like a charm. (We did not try that strat on the first pull.)

Wait. Zarm has an energy bar. Did we 2 heal that? No wonder I was oom more than once.

People were so dazed, they mostly forgot to line up for the victory shot, but a few of us were still thinking.


Left to right: Shadeey, Vanicus, Tyledres, Arvash, and Psynite.

We died more times to the six named Mogu before Dark Animus than we did to Primordius. That fight will take a little more work because of the organization necessary, but we made good progress on it so far.


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3 Responses to “Primordial Soup”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I completely wiffed 😦

    I fayle

  2. Tyledres Says:

    It’s a bit funny when you think about Primordious. Usually in raids you have to know all these mechanics and execute them well to kill a boss while in lfr it’s screw the mechanics and just blow crap up. But in every lfr I’ve done they’ve always done the mechanics for that boss which is odd because the blow crap up method worked so well in the normal raid. At least Dark Animus returns the world to it’s natural order.

  3. lorenthar Says:

    Have fun with Animus! I hate that fight when we do it every week… /sigh.

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