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Leave Me Alone …

July 16, 2013

I’m busy playing Card Hunter.

*distracts you with a dozen adorable windrider hatchlings*


If you’re looking for something to do, however … that game is totally awesome fun, browser-based, and completely free.

Primordial Soup

July 11, 2013

So .. Primordius. Man, I’m so sick of this fight. Pull after pull after …


Here is pull #2.


Yes, two. Arv found a suggested strat for normal mode where you just hold the boss in the center, ignore the adds completely, and play Patchwerk with him. Obviously, it worked like a charm. (We did not try that strat on the first pull.)

Wait. Zarm has an energy bar. Did we 2 heal that? No wonder I was oom more than once.

People were so dazed, they mostly forgot to line up for the victory shot, but a few of us were still thinking.


Left to right: Shadeey, Vanicus, Tyledres, Arvash, and Psynite.

We died more times to the six named Mogu before Dark Animus than we did to Primordius. That fight will take a little more work because of the organization necessary, but we made good progress on it so far.

Not Happy

July 9, 2013

From the 5.4 PTR patch notes:


Seal of Insight no longer has a chance to restore mana on attacks.

I made an art out of smacking bosses to preserve part of my mana pool.

Magmaw? Yeah I’ma stand in melee and smack the boss, ty.

Yar’sahj? Smackfest.

Feng? Right click that sucker.

Now they want to take that away from me? With a fixed mana pool, we need *more* ways to get mana back, not less. Sigh.

Love My Steed

July 1, 2013

So, my rental horses finally got used up and I had to either buy one or hoof it. So I smacked down the 500 Zen for the Calimshain horse that I really wanted. This equates to 5 real life dollars, which I figure is acceptable considering the WoW store ones are so much more, and this is going to be his sole mount (unless one of those lockboxes coughs one up.) Plus, his leather armor is totally awesome.


I love the look on his face there, he’s like ‘what are you looking at?’

He’s larger than I was expecting. I thought he’d be the same as the regular 5g ones, but he’s a heavy horse, taller than the typical riding horses, with big ole hooves and cow hocks.


He also does this little dancing in place dressage move when we stand idle too long. It’s pretty cool.

I did finally die at level 35, and again at level 39. Bleh. But still … I’d say things are going pretty well! I did delete Wega and make a Guardian Fighter, who I played for like … 4 levels then left him in town because I figure I need to finish getting Lorne leveled up before I go goofing around on another. But I think I will like it. Where Wega’s shift ability needed me to hold down a direction key for her to sprint away from bad, this guy just holds shift and he stands in place, puts his shield up and blocks whatever big attack is coming. I love it.