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Poking the Eye Out

June 27, 2013

We cleared the first six easily on Tuesday night, so we had the whole raid time last night to work on Durumu. We pulled him a couple times Tuesday just to see it, then made sure to study beforehand yesterday. It paid off.

Have a rare, in-fight screenshot. Normally I’m too busy healing to even notice the boss is almost dead, but this pull went so well that I was ready for it … and hit the button prematurely because he was getting a bit of healing from Life Drain.


You don’t really need to see the achievement shot, do you? It’s much less exciting than that one.

And the line-up …


Left to Right mostly: Wok, Liyhe seated in front of Sorak’s good side, Zugzuug, Arvash, Zarm is half-hidden behind Arv and the boss, Adoe, Vanicus, Psynite, and Tyledres on the other side of Wok’s copy thing. (What? I don’t know what it’s called and my highest monk is 42 give me a break :p )


June 25, 2013

See, I *told* you I hadn’t quit WoW. I mean, really, logging in 2 or 3 times a day for 1 minute at a time to check Qiraji spawns counts as playing, right? >.>


I wasn’t taking any chances on this one; I brought along Shirl the Terrible Turnip. She’s only level 14, but the Guardling was level 17, so it worked out. Unfortunately, it took 4 misses before the trap held, and Shirl took one for the team and went down after that last miss. I think I cried a little as my Nexus Whelpling finished off the rare Sidewinder though. Just my luck there would be a rare that I need with it, eh?


I was in such a hurry to get to Neverwinter that I logged out without taking a screenshot of the pet afterwards, so I logged back in to get one.


I also checked her breed while I was at it. P/B, nice! Poor quality, but Wega is still hanging onto that non-family stone so it won’t matter.

I’m glad I got this done now, though. This virtual realms thing coming in the next patch? Yeah … some of us *like* being on low-pop servers, ya know? They’re gonna screw it all up even more than CRZ did. *sigh*

Wega Who?

June 24, 2013

Yeah so … I needed to make a character on a different shard so that Tome could pass her extra skeletal dog on to me. Rather than just recreating Wega, I made something different … a Tiefling rogue. Yes, I know … rogue is so NOT my style usually. I mean, there’s a longstanding joke in WoW about how my rogues all end up as bank alts. But I’d heard they were fun in Neverwinter so I gave it a try.

Meet Lorne Bloodspike.


Rogue turned out to be fun and then some. Even before getting stealth at level 10, I was destroying stuff and having a good time doing it. I have an ability that stuns, a ‘finishing’ move that isn’t really a finisher because it doesn’t require any combo points or nonsense like that, throwing knives, and once I’ve built up enough action points, a blade flurry type thing. There’s also one that I learned later in the tree that is similar to shadowstep, which I use as my opener.

So anyway, I decided I liked the rogue enough to keep him, and tracked down Tome, who mailed me this little beauty. I named her Ancient, isn’t she awesome? She’s not just for looks either, she fights with me! Sort of like the companions in SW:TOR.


So the two of us set off for adventure together. We hit level 10 and got stealth and got to start on professions. These work sort of like in TOR, except they are separate from your companions. We tried out a quest from the Foundry. We got to 16 and … got to pick out a free companion from the ones that are available for a couple of gold at the vendor. I chose the man-at-arms because .. well duh. I get to run around with my own tank? He’s kinda cute too, he looks like Riker from ST:TNG. Hmm maybe I should rename him.

Somewhere along the line one of the Nightmare Lockboxes dropped that Tome had mentioned. I watched for hours as the system messages flashed across the screen … “so-and-so has received a Heavy Nightmare Inferno” … which is a mount that drops from them and looks sort of like a warlock’s Felsteed. I broke down and charged $20 worth of Zen so I could buy some keys. But … mounts and pets could come in it!

Speaking of which, at 20 I got the ability to ride.


This one is just a rental. You get three free tokens for rentals. Each rental lasts for 5 hours of in-game time. I figure I’ll use those up first and by the time they are gone, I will have the 2g+ to purchase a regular one. I have my eye on a pretty little Waterdeep mare. There’s also one for 500 Zen that I like.

You know, I just realized … Lorne got to 23 and has not died. The closest he came was last night, when my mouse battery died partway through the last boss battle of the night, and I had to rely on my encounter abilities, stealth, and the ability to roll out of harm’s way. Wega died several times on her way to level 9. She also had an ability, sprint, that could get her out of trouble, but it required holding shift + a direction key, which with my small hands I found to be very awkward. Lorne just has to double tap a direction and he’s gone, poof! Stealth is on tab. It’s funny how a class that I can’t quite get in one game, I find to be elegant and explosive and exciting in another, even though many of the abilities are similar.

Ji-Kun Grounded

June 20, 2013

Last night we hit Ji-Kun and it didn’t take us long to figure her out. Arv has a great write-up already posted, so check that out for more detail.


We almost called it two pulls before the kill, but Sorak said we still had raid time left and no one really seemed anxious to quit anyway.


Left to Right more or less: Shadeey in the background, Wok, Adoe, Psynite, Vanicus, Arvash, Zugzuug flying above us, Tyledres, Sorak’s good side … not visible is Liyhe because he’s still behind the bird handing out lewts.

I guess I’d better read up on Durumu for next week, eh? I hear there are some mazes of death and lazors and shit.