Dragon Soul Raider

It may be an expansion late but who cares … we got mounts.


Arv attempted to have a lineup shot. It went about as well as our regular kill shots. We did get a few dragons in one spot though.


Nice rear, Slice.

And of course my usual solo shot to show her off.


Not sure I’m a fan of the Alexstrasza-like horns, but at least it’s unique, sharing a model only with the mount dropped off of Deathwing.

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2 Responses to “Dragon Soul Raider”

  1. koalabear21 Says:

    I had to make him get in the picture. He was being such a brat about it too.

  2. mrandmrswow Says:

    Grats! I did DS for the first time, to completion, last weekend and really enjoyed it. Now, to get those achievements…

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