Turtle Soup

A couple of small changes, and we got Tortos worked out. No, those changes did not include the Special Tricks used by the holy pally in Leit’s raid. They were more along the lines of having the melee spread out for the falling crap and having someone other than Adoe kick the turtles so he could concentrate solely on burning them down.


You may notice that I am missing a food buff in that shot. Yeah, I managed to die halfway through the fight. It was almost like Zarm was anticipating it, though, because I swear the brez hit my screen before my body hit the floor. We recovered, obviously … although a later bubble saved me from a second death. You can see I still have the debuff from it.


Left to right: Fat panda Wok, fat panda Sorak, that’s our cool new rogue Psynite in front of him, Arvash, Zugzuug, Adoe, Liyhe, Shadeey, and Zarm. Wait, who am I missing? Oh. Yeah. Vanicus. You know which one I am by now, right? I’m between Zug and Adoe. /facepalm

We did pulls on Megeara and it went pretty well. We were getting to the sixth head and then losing a tank, usually when a healer had Cinders and had to move. Once we get that worked out and refine the cooldown rotation, she should go down too.

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2 Responses to “Turtle Soup”

  1. Leit Says:

    Nice one! Megaera’s a nice break, so enjoy it. 😀

  2. mrandmrswow Says:


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